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Molding My Destiny

Patrice M. Foster is a survivor. She has survived childhood poverty, indescribable loss and teenage depression. Where does one go when the only home they have known is miles away across a great sea? They turn inward, they travel to a place inside themselves that is familiar and comforting. After battling teenage depression Foster found the strength to begin …


Molding My Destiny




Molding My Destiny…A story of hope that takes one child from surviving to thriving.

When your last thread of hope is shredded, how can you find the way forward?

Rejected at every turn—at home in Jamaica and after moving to the US—young Patrice M. Foster struggles through a darkness no young adult should have to endure. How can she lift herself from the abyss of childhood poverty, loss, and ultimately teen depression?

The odds seem insurmountable and yet she pushes on.

Who should read Molding My Destiny?

Parents whose children are battling teenage depression.
Anyone who has struggled with blending in after moving to a strange land.
Anyone who has been affected by depression whether directly or indirectly.
Foster’s journey from a terrifyingly destructive life on the streets to a world of healing through forgiveness and self-acceptance teaches an important, shining lesson:

Molding My Destiny

Rock bottom does not have to be your last stop.

Molding My Destiny is Foster’s story of survival and success and offers hope for adolescents, young adults, parents, and educators.