Patrice M Foster

Patrice M Foster

Registered Nurse

 Hi there! I’m a  Registered Nurse, 33 plus years practicing. This blog is about, Teenage Depression and Secrets.  I live in Greater Atlanta area some say the Countryside but I say Peaceful!

Nurse  Blogger writes about stressors that affect adolescents which cause Mental Health Issues. Stress in a child world affects their daily living. To the extent that they need an inpatient admission placement. Placed In a crisis center for various disorders. But this blog will focus on Teenage Depression, Secrets. How to stay positive while struggling with despair. Talk about Myths. The truth being depressed does not mean you are weak.

What I like about my Job

Seeing the teens happy and able to function. In a home like setting. Most go to foster homes. Sad but a lot returned due to mental illness and in-ability of caregiver to cope.  The Support staffs make a difference. It’s always rewarding to see my children smile. That tell me they are getting better one day at a time.

It’s a team effort. I am loyal to the kids. The team of professionals working within a culture of openness and sharing there are lots of mechanisms. For care and  support. It is emotionally challenging and you have to be robust and self-aware. But this is what I do. This blog will touch on some of my life. Related to my work with teens. The issues faced by teens are real. And you can survive them.  I hope I bring a smile to my readers’ face. If you have been hurt. Felt there was no one to turn to. Hope you find solace through reading this blog. Along with the courage to seek help.

“The world breaks everyone. Afterward, some are strong at the broken places.” Ernest Hemingway  Sums up my feelings about surviving hurt feelings and pain. On a Spiritual journey, I have taken the long, long walk home to get here. Follow along on the journey where we’ll talk about problems and real issues. Thank you for subscribing.

Patrice has written several books one The Real Guide to Teenage Depression along with Memoir are available at Amazon.com for purchase. She is currently working to create a simple basic online course concept about teen depression and anxiety for parents.


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