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“1 in 25 teens suffer from depression. Do you know the signs? ”

Is understanding depression harder for parents than teens?

Dear Parents,  Understanding depression will take time. Recognizing the signs your child has been displaying. It's not easy to know your happy go lucky youth may be sad or struggling with depression. This is how adolescent feel. This quote summons up: “Everything that...

Youth depression is on the rise for girls more

In teen girls it double. Youth depression is on the rise. When you think of “depression,” what comes to mind? Being sad? Well, you’re partly right; an intense and prolonged feeling of sadness is one symptoms of clinical depression, but it’s not as simple as...

Dealing with Anxiety Depression

Can't stop feeling anxious!  Anxiety depression: Feeling anxious or sad is normal. Every human being experiences these emotions several times in a lifetime. However, if feelings of fears  causes your child to be depressed. If it affects their activities of daily...