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“1 in 25 teens suffer from depression. Do you know the signs? ”

Your Teenage drawing disturbing pictures of dark images is a cry for help.

Dark Teenage drawing can be both an art and an issue, especially if your son or daughter is painting disturbing images. The illustrations are a way to express their inner emotions. That they may not able to share with others. This can have an effect on their thoughts...
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Teenage Depression Solutions and Handling Anxiety take time

Dealing with a difficult situation is challenging. Depression Solutions are something that many teenagers seek to discover. One in five teens are affected. And it can come about for a range of reasons. Mental illness occurs and social exclusion follows. And, certain...
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What is the nature of teenage depression causes understand why your lack of interest change

Teen depression Nature, mother earth and the environment what does this have to do with depression you say. For starters, it can break your heart to find out your child is in constant pain.  And you can feel as if it’s entirely your fault. Stop blaming yourself. Don't...
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