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Just Tired All the Time—Even if I Sleep

I always tired no matter even if I sleep”? Do you find yourself wondering. Fatigue is a problem.This seems to be a growing concern. It’s becoming more severe among young people. It’s the norm to be sleepy. According to health guidelines certainly, not the standard.


As a matter of fact, Our bodies have become weakened. There are many reasons why we are dragging. In fact, this is but one of the greatest and may be the most difficult to understand reason for despair.

Just Tired All the Time—Even if I Sleep


Still Tired?

If you are like me, you spend the day wishing they could find the cure. For the zombie virus. Because, you pretty sure you’ve become the walking dead. If you’re dead to the world, you’re not going to perform. Even at your best, your days are full and long. Schoolwork, extracurricular activities, sports practices, and social events all take energy. But you may not have any reserves left. Doing too much can make you drowsy. 

Reasons You are Tired is.

  • Not getting proper rest

Just sleeping doesn’t always do the trick. Are you waking up feeling overtired. Even after an entire night’s rest?

Thus,Give your body time to get decent rest by putting all worries aside until morning.

  • Not getting enough or the right nutrients

A lack of certain vitamins and minerals can lead to a whole variety of problems. Exhaustion is at the top of the list. If your body is not absorbing enough iron, you could develop Anemia. An estimated 3.5 million Americans have this condition. And its primary symptom is fatigue. Iron produces hemoglobin, which carries oxygen to your organs. If your iron count is low, your body is not getting enough oxygen. And it will overcompensate in losing energy, leaving you feeling drained.

  • Emotional worries and depression

Just Tired All the Time—Even if I Sleep

 Tired no matter if Sleep

Depression and fatigue are diagnosed individually. So they are not the same thing. Studies linked the two together. Those with depression complained of being tired most of the time and vice versa.

Always Tired?

Depression can be worsened by lack of sleep. Why does the “big drag” set in during a gloomy phase? Anyone who has ever carried a burden can tell you. It just gets exhausting. Emotional strain is tiring. The body often follows suit and there is no relief in sight.

How to explain fatigue

There’s something doctors call unexplained fatigue. That is  often associated with being depressed. Being drained is what makes you feel like a robot. Regardless of how much beauty sleep you get. It’s hard to cure because it’s difficult to locate where its coming from. To ease burnout, try these tips to be more active. 

Your Daytime Habits 

  • Do everything that you need to do. STOP procrastinating.
  • If you sit a lot, get up. Walk every 15 minutes.
  • Don’t drink tea or coffee just before going to bed but drink water throughout the day.
  • Try a lukewarm shower.  It can help relax tense muscles. While you get ready for bed.

Nighttime Habits

  • Keep a stable sleep routine
  • Switch lights off before rest.
  • Be sure to put the cellphone down. Just sleep.
  • To emphasize, nap in a room that is dark.

Fatigue cannot be ignored. It could lead to other illnesses. Your primary care doctor can find out what is causing your tiredness.