The Journey Home Video Book Trailer story offers Hope

Hope is a good thing

Journey home without delay this short extract piece. Story of failures and hope. First, second struggles and overcoming, Foster thoughts…“Hope and a desire for love are what keep us going in our darkest moments.” — unknown Video trailer Here.

Journey Home

From time to time,” What I did learn was that as a parent, the most important task is to raise happy, secure children. Of course there are distractions, challenges, and the influence of friends, but a strong, loving bond will ride any crisis”.

Journey home

Journey Home

Your passed a haunting reminder of failure sometimes!

I still didn’t realize that your past really sticks with you. You don’t just walk through a nice new door and step into a shining opportunity. Even if you slam the door behind you, never glimpse through the keyhole or peek under the door frame, because that little chink of light from your old life still taunts you.

Journey Home

Worse, no one tells you that it’s a swinging door and that you’ll always be able to glimpse into the past. Sometimes you may slip back through that door into your old ways because even though you hate that place, its familiar and strangely comforting.