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Depression in Teenage Girls

Child Development and Changes.  In Teen Girls  can be problematic to many parents. Can be difficult to watch your child go through depression and hormonal changes and not know how to help them. It is essential that you learn the difference between child development. And teenage depression so that you can recognize what is normal behavior.  “The sudden surge of hormones at teenage age. Will continue to play an important part in the life of young people” Oche Otorkpa .

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Child Development and Depression 

Teenage girls go through a time in their life where puberty is overwhelming and their hormones are all out of whack. As your daughter’s body changes, her hormone levels are rising and falling to adjust to menstruation. This is a scary and confused  time for many girls. Beginning of body changes which can lead to depression.

Development and Depression in Teen Girls affect mood

Early signs of teenage depression

Early signs of teenage depression  Bad mood is equal to being a teenager. But sometimes, your teen might be suffering from something more than changing moods. Teenage depression is a serious problem that can affect your child’s every aspect of life. Perhaps the most obvious signs of  teen  depressed are behavioral .

One of the reasons they are unable to cope due to hormonal changes. These changes happen quickly and not over an extended period of time. As the hormones taken over  body an imbalance can occur.


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Child Development and depression

You may be wondering how you can tell the difference between normal changes and depression. Depression does not go away.  According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration Girls who are aged 12 to 15. Are three times more likely to experience depression. This means that parents need to be vigilant and speak with their daughters. To ensure that their child knows she is not alone.

If you do suspect that your daughter is going through child development changes and depression, it is essential that you find her the help she needs to overcome the condition before it advances and consumes her social and academic life.