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Bad Day

Teen depression has its days nothing seems right.If you notice your son or daughter moping around the house, you may wonder just what is wrong. Through a careful probe, you may be able to get down to what the problem.  Find out that your adolescent just had a bad day at school. While bad days and days of irritability and moodiness are common in teens. Depression can mask itself in similar ways. If your teen is suffering he or she may feel isolated and all alone or like no one cares. Dealing with teenage parent need to recognize the difference between a bad day and depression is the first defense towards protecting your child.Teen Depression , a Bad Day, MOODY, depression

Adolescent Bad Day

Teens will go through changes and these changes can be subtle or even large at times, but considered normal behavior. If your child is experiencing any of these signs, you can hold your breath as the storm pass. Behaviors includes:

  • Mood swings
  • Irritability and some anger
  • Experimenting with cigarettes, drugs, alcohol(?)
  • Arguing and disagreements over chores, friends, and similar
  • Social and peer pressure

Is It Depression or bad behavior?

If your child  depressed, he or she will experience extremes of the above behaviors. For instance, when experimenting with drugs and alcohol, he or she will begin  to  rely too heavily on it. In addition, anger may take on a bigger role and your teen may get into fights, skip school, or break the law.

Behaviors and emotions

Deviant behavior is another sign that your teen may be struggling. He or she may withdraw from his or her friends, isolate themselves in their rooms. Talk about how worthless they think they are self hatred.

Bad Day vs depression you need to know differences
  • moody

Listen to how your child describe self.  Behavior will tell you if it’s just a bad day. No matter the age of your child , if you believe he or she is battling teenage depression reach out …Get help!