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Think positive changes

Change think how optimistic  is actually very healthy bring positive changes. As a person grows, you’ll change just about everything at least once in your life. Even parts of your character may adjust over time. But one of the biggest misconceptions, when people talk about changes. The idea that you have to alter who you are is fake. Trying to do this will result in failure.  Because you’ve got to swim upstream in order to change your nature. It’s not pleasant and you spend precious time, energy and emotional resources trying to be the best, or the funniest, or the most outrageous. Its time to be your self.

Change think bring positive changes

Change think.

Be the change that you wish to see in the world.” Mahatma Gandhi.   This doesn’t mean that you should make drastic alterations. In your teen years, you’re likely to want to change your style a few hundred times. Or re-define yourself and your world views. Maybe you want to align yourself with the way you hope the world will see you…and that’s all great; its part of adjusting to life.

Change think do you want positivity change mindset

But when you want to make positive changes. Replace the  parts of your life with lighter and more encouraging ideas. the nature of change really morphs into something completely different. That’s because in order for you to start making a really positive changes to your environment, your core nature and your emotions, you first have to accept your role in your own emotions. Understand that there will be many aspects of change which are out of your control and then begin the process of change by trying out new perceptions.

Change thoughts bring positive changes
A perception test

Primary school kids are given a simple test to explain perception and this test hits the nail on the head every time. The teacher prepares a pair of glasses for each child from paper and colored plastic wrap. Each lens has a different color in it. She then asks the children to look through their glasses and describe what they see. Almost immediately she hears; “blue, pink, yellow… No! That’s not right, it’s orange and green!” Before she knows it, her students are having a good go at each other.  When the teacher asks the children to swap out their glasses with the child sitting next to them, the class unanimously agrees that things look very different to them.

Change think bring positive changes

Change think do you want positivity change mindset

Perception make up a really large part of how we see the world and how we interact with it. Sometimes those perceptions are a little deceptive and can show us overly negative things, or overly positive things.

Strong friendships, loving family, even research to a certain point is like one of those lenses. Each time you interact with one, or the other, you have the opportunity to strengthen your positive perceptions. Surprisingly, what happens when you do this is that automatically your natural character takes on a new dimension. In other words, you grow a little. And with each new growth spurt, you can shed a little of the past and claim more of your bright future.