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 Feeling Empty & Hollow Fill that space with love

Do you have a giant hole in your heart that you do not know how to fill? Feeling Empty & Hollow fill that space with love. Don’t let Emptiness take a hold of your life.   Do you feel mundane and lack passion? Are you hiding behind your mask? You just can’t fake Being happy anymore. This benefit no one. Just makes you unhappy.  “It was not the feeling of completeness I so needed, but the feeling of not being empty.”  Jonathan Safran Foer.

 Feeling Empty & Hollow Fill that space with love

 Feeling Empty & Hollow fill that space with love.

Excerpt from The Journey Home: Memoir “One basic need holds true for almost all humans: the need to be loved. When you’re lost in a sea of suffering, treading water like a drowning swimmer thinking there’s no way out, no way you’ll ever find love and respect, it’s hard to imagine that things may actually turn out okay. You flail in the water desperately reaching for a hand you hope will be there to pull you out of that stormy sea. Sometimes I look back and wonder how I ever survived, how I made it this far. Now that I’ve reached that milestone, I realize anyone can overcome his or her obstacles”

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Feeling Empty & Hollow fill that space with love

This is the time of year that affects me the most. A time where FAMILY gathering is filled with holiday excitement, Thanksgiving and Black Friday events. Christmas is just around the corner.  Gift buying, happy children everywhere. while singing cheers of Christmas carols-laughter is everywhere. Here is a Youtube video that explain  Emptiness (How to Stop Feeling Empty) Teal Swan

It started every year since I can remember around the end of October into November until New Years.  Can’t seem to shake. The Holidays which represent Family  gatherings. I literally shut down while dealing with inner missing pieces.  In the North, holiday dinners were with my coworkers who knew they could count on me to work while they gathered with their Families and that is how they start inviting me to their events. The South is not as friendly as people assumed just smile and keep it moving. The Journey Home this year I have gathered a team of professional and compassionate comrades who make it possible helping with minor tasks while I go through this Journey.

Feeling Empty & Hollow Fill that space with love

Feeling Empty & Hollow Fill that space with love

Feeling Empty & Hollow fill that space with love

Do you feel liked  you do not have a purpose. The bareness can make you lose your actual self, and even all your accomplishments cannot seem to fill that unmet need. Nothing is ever enough because right after you get what you are looking for, you need something else, yet the emptiness remains.

You lack meaning in your life. You feel as though all you knew or experienced has shattered into a million pieces.

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 Feeling Empty & Hollow fill that space with love

You are not particularly happy, but you cannot say you are sad either. You may constantly keep yourself busy and feel happy since it distracts you from the darkness. However, as soon as you are free, the worthlessness kicks in like it was never absent. If someone asks how you feel the easiest answer would be “I don’t know.”

 Feeling Empty & Hollow fill that space with love

Empty & Hollow fill that void with love

Embrace whatever emotions you have – How you feel at any time enables you to connect with your actual self. Wallow in your emotions without judging .
Consider seeing a therapist – Find a counselor or a therapist. Dismiss any feelings of shame – It seems hard to be close to anyone …trust yourself. If you despise things in your past change. Be kind and honest to yourself. In doing so, you will not have to look to other people for fulfillment. You deserve a great relationship. A  life with a purpose. If you are feeling empty & hollow and cannot shake that void. Start by loving yourself. Let this article get to that part of you that wants to reconnect. To maybe alleviate that nothingness.