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Forgiveness is one of Life Lessons start by forgiving yourself 

How to ask for Forgiveness?  Learning to say sorry can release the hurt. A Forgiven  person is able to  let go of those bad feelings. Behaviors that may be causing inner emotionally turmoil.  But first need to acknowledge his wrongs. We all make mistakes in life. These blunders are often seen as temporary stumbling blocks. This can be  misconceived as failure. One major  incident can throws us off balance. We tend to be hard on ourselves than on others. It’s important to know that you are human and you bound to have many bloopers in your lifetime.



We understanding that conflicts do happen and growing up and forgiving oneself is the first step to healing.  You will encounter failures, hurt and struggles. If not learned life lessons forgiving and letting it go we end up hurting ourselves.  Forgiving others can be simple  “Im sorry”. Listen to your body by not letting go of your hurt can cause you to feel sad.  Your sadness may turn into depression if left untreated. Look at ways to forgive you. Start by learning to forgive others and start letting go. “Hiding how you feel and trying to make everyone happy doesn’t make you nice, it just makes you a liar.” ― Jenny O’Connell Here is few life lessons.

Forgiveness life lessons learn to forgive.

Positive changes

Talk to a therapist or a trusted friend for moral support. Its acceptable to feel sorry for yourself but do not dwell on it self pity keep us  from moving forward. Replaying what we have done, like playing the same song twenty times on repeat. Will solve nothing except make us become more depressed. Give yourself a break. Stop thinking about what happened – it’s done and we cannot change it. Do something to make it better.  Read daily affirmations and inspirational thoughts books …One of my favorite is Black Pearl by Eric V Copage its culture driven for everyone also begin your day with positive quotes at Goodreads here .

Forgiveness life lessons is good for your well being.

  • Learn from Mistakes

Adults all have gone through failures and disappointments in our lives.  This will not be any easier for you as a teenager. The most important lesson to learn about mistakes is gentle on you.

  • Saying Sorry & Rebuilding Relationship

An apology does not make you weak it goes a long way and will make you feel better.  Our Mental Health depends on us to simple let go of the inner pain. Holding on to negative feelings or guilt will solve nothing but will make the problem seem worse.

Forgiveness life lessons learn to forgive

Make it right… Sometimes a “sorry” does not quite cut the ice. If we have hurt someone else then consider doing something nice for him or her. Show them how you feel about them in time they will learn to trust.

  • Laugh more

Forgiveness life lessons learn to forgive

Your life may look bleak  if you do not learn to develop a sense of humor for example:  Garfield uses jokes and laughters ” to hide a deep inner pain” Beast Boy cartoon Kids love him because he is a super hero.  He is funny and he makes a lot of mistakes but he is able to bounce back . Laughing is a great stress reliever. How do you forgive yourself?   leave a comment below.