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Legal Marijuana need to be monitor by parents

Legal Marijuana is a regular news story nowadays. A lot of individuals prefer  for medical and recreational purposes. It’s no child ‘s play. Despite what the weed critics believes. The media portrait drugs as glamorous.  Because its convenient and in some states legal for therapeutic used.  But It’s no child game. It’s considered to be one of the 5 sacred plants for meditative purposes.

Legal Marijuana is no Child’s Play parents still need to monitor

But for teens long term habits of smoking pot can be addictive. MJ abuse put them at risk. For other drug use and mental health issues. Such as depression and anxiety and other mental illness if your child continue using.

Marijuana is legalize in most states

Teens first introduce through peer pressure. Smoking a blunt is a right of passage. Often the youth is seen as being cool. Who use the drugs? Consumers come from various lifestyles.  It is used for a number of  purposes. Quite popular as passed time for many adult. Perhaps the late, great Bob Marley said it perfectly, “When you smoke the herb, it reveals you to yourself.” However, it needs to be used in a responsible and balanced manner. Like everything else too much  can be bad for you.

Legal Marijuana is no Child’s Play parents still need to monitor

Using legal Marijuana No Child’s Play

Mixing tobacco with PCP roll up in a spliff. These  are  just  some of the ways it is prepare and smoke. Teens who are addicted show signs of increase cravings, and sleeplessness. Most important your child school grades will suffer due to loss of  memory.  Cannabinoid  can cause possible memory loss in developing brain.

 Legal Marijuana 

Keep joint away from kids. Exposure to cannabis in adolescence can be very damaging.  To a growing teens’ mental and even physical growth. Dope put teenagers at risk for depression. What started out as child’s play can become an addiction. Many adolescent end up abusing trying other illegal drugs. Learn the facts.

Legal  Marijuana is not a game

 You can save your child?  From its use.  The  pros and so few cons makes Using Marijuana not a choice for  child’s play.  Until we learn further about this grass. Teach your child the facts.  About MJ and its uses. Tell them the bud on the streets. May be lace with other harmful addictive chemicals. How Pot high can make kids become severe depressed.  As parents we need to know the different drug games.  Reefer is not a toy.  Not to be experiment with and its illegal.