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Lock Confessions Prison Nurse

My tenure as a Prison Nurse at different prison systems In Philadelphia & Atlanta, can be described as a mixture of constant adrenaline rush. Fear of unexpected attacks, and a stack of prison stories to mull on. Some days were easy when I carried out routine checks for mostly healthy inmates and would make me wonder if correctional nursing was the easiest.  There were other days when certain words and actions by the prisoners sent chills down my spine.

The true confessions from a Prison Nurse who worked in correction

Prison Nurse

Experience that has never left my memory. Liked the time when a prisoner rung on my official contact number using a cell phone. When access to a mobile phone was restricted in prison cells! On another occasion, I was told by an inmate, who I had seen around, what color my car was and who drove me to the prison site. The feeling of being under constant surveillance of a person with a criminal background would scare me out of my wits.

Story of a Prison Nurse

Nonetheless, these petty incidents could never prepare me for my encounter with a member of the  crime family, John “The Dour” Don Stanfa, at Philadelphia Industrial Correctional Center (PICC). I became a laughing-stock for the officers.  The weeks I served as John Stanfa’s nurse. My heart thumped at his cold gaze.  And being pregnant I remember feeling dizzy.  When I performed the dreaded temperature and blood pressure checks.

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The first time he spoke to me was when he asked me the reason I was working so hard. His scruffy voice always scared me to death.  And the terror I felt knew no bounds when he asked me for a nail clipper.  Almost felt liked was going to lose my baby.  When I gathered the strength to decline his request.  As getting a nail clipper was contraband on the jail premises. I still think if his laugh at my refusal was a threat or whether he was testing my honesty for the rest of his crime family. But my audacity definitely led the officers to look at me differently.

The true confessions from a Prison Nurse who worked in correction

True Confessions Prison Nurse

Those who aspire  correctional nursing. Wonder what goes on behind the bars. Need to be aware of its pros and cons. A prison nurse may be in contact with male prisoners most of the time. But always remember that a jail may not be the ideal place for courtship. You need to establish professional boundaries with the inmates. Portray  strong demeanor as manipulative prisoners may devise a way to break you down.

Correctional Nursing

You may be in charge of people with criminal histories. Remember you swore into this profession to provide unbiased healthcare to every patient in need. A good tip to remain impartial would be to avoid looking at their charge sheet before you confront them. During busy times, you may be called on for emergencies.  That  need excellent assessment skills.  Correctional nurse  is important to be on your guard . Work  with officers protect you. Be respectful to all inmates. Stay alert and seek assistance when in doubt.  Your experience as a prison nurse may be a tall order but once you leave correction, you will be a well-rounded nurse, ready to face it all!