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3 reasons laughter best medicine

We’ve all heard that laughter is the best medicine for heartache. Well,  that  usually true. Humor is catching  that’s why smile more is important. who smile, and laugh when someone tells a joke. When we share laughter it makes us feel closer to the people around us.

 best medicine for increasing happiness

Not all people can – or have reasons – to smile. This is especially true in cases, where children might have suffered some sort of traumatic event.  Years of therapy and adequate care are necessary to return these children to their normal cheerful selves. But there is one thing that you, and everyone else, can do – help them laugh.

Best medicine for increasing happiness

Teachers tell us that laughter might indeed help us feel better and ease our mood. Laughter requires a lot of action from different muscle groups. Stop laughing; you’ll immediately experience a feeling of relaxation. This was actually employed by several hospitals, who created the so-called “Humor Rooms”, full of clowns that boosted patients’ morale and speeded up their recovery. So, if laughter can cure your physical illness, its safe to say it’ll help with any emotional burden a child might experience.

best medicine

  1. Laughter increases the release the feel good

Endorphins, known as the “happy hormone”, are a type of neurotransmitters that are responsible for the feeling of well-being. They can even temporarily relieve pain! Endorphins produced naturally by your body. their secretion  triggered variety of stimuli such as medicine. When you laugh sends signal to the brain and triggers the release of endorphins.

So, if you want to help a child make them laugh. It might be hard at first but once they do, they’ll  a sense of happiness and relaxation. It’s a natural process that helps us deal with any negative emotions or experiences.

  1. Laughter best medicine for increasing happiness

We like to be surrounded by funny people and not only because they make us feel good. Laughter is known as the “glue of humanity” and contributes to group bonding. People that laugh together tend to be closer and feel more comfortable with one another. Because of the many  advantages of laughter, such as increased immune system response or improved general health.The more we laugh together, the closer we will become. The sense of belonging is essential for the psychological well-being and self-esteem of everyone, especially young adults and teenagers. best medicine

Laughter plays a vital role in all social and non-verbal communication. It triggers the release make us feel  happier.  When you’re laughing, you’re forgetting any issues and problems you might be facing at the moment. The benefits of laughter will  influence your ability to deal with the negative experiences. in long-term. While you’re doing this, you’re bonding with others and finding new friends. Children don’t need anything more than a bit of love and happiness – give it to them!