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Top 5 Reasons Develop Good Sense Humor. The best things in life come free, and humor is one of them. It might no longer be divine, but perhaps more important to us modern folk – free, healthy, spiritually uplifting and verification of being alive. President Kennedy, known for his sense of humor, once scribbled a note to his friend and cabinet member that said, in effect three things are real, God, human folly, and laughter. If you think you put too much importance on having a sense of humor, well, think again.


Top 5 Reasons Develop Good Sense Humor

From there to here and here to there, funny things are everywhere- Dr. Seuss

Top 5 Reasons Develop Good Sense Humor

Top 5 Reasons Develop Good Sense Humor

Humor is medically proven to be a potent stress buster. It offers an shift in how you view your stressors and breaks through the tension barrier. Your wittiest can lower blood pressure and improved pain management.

Ha+ha= AHA!

Top 5 Reasons Develop Good Sense Humor

A key ingredient in creative thinking, humor helps people play with ideas and establishes a fertile environment for innovation because people are more inspired when they’re relaxed. This contagious trait is a win-win for you as you tend to feel less risky in thinking outside the box in a jovial atmosphere.

Humor= Hope

You can turn painful situations around through laughter. If you can find humor in anything, you can survive it. When you encounter a problem, take advice from Mary Poppins, and remember “a spoon full of sugar helps the medicine go down.” Learn to look at the lighter side of things with humor.

Love at first laugh

Your sense of humor can be the key ingredient of your secret for your successful love life. One of the most desired traits by both men and women. When selecting a mate is a good sense of humor. Your wit can always be trusted to serve as an effective player on your team to diffuse a heated argument with your partner.

Top 5 Reasons Develop Good Sense Humor

If you want to stand out from the pack. Using humor can be an effective way. Your comedy  can win you a loyal following. After all, ‘I like boring company and grim attitude’, said no one ever!