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Cross Dressing Teen & Depression

In a time where things are becoming more accepted your cross dressing teen maybe depressed. There is still plenty of confusion around the topic gender roles. It’s not something that comes easily to both sides of the family. But despite the difficulties, it’s a parent’s gift and honor to be able to support his or her children and offer them a shoulder when things seem bleak. Sadly though, this is not always the case, and recent studies show that  teens are more at risk for  mental health problems related to Cross Dressing. 

Depression, anxiety and even suicidal thoughts and attempts than non-transgender youth. The fact that many parents don’t support their cross dressing teen the way they could, or should, it’s a recipe for disaster. “No person is your friend who demands your silence, or denies your right to grow.”  Alice Walker

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Cross Dressing struggling feeling lonely and depressed

lex’s experiences after she was placed in the foster-care system were no better. She says the families she was sent to live with were never told of her gender identity. “CPS didn’t tell them until I was already placed within the home,” she said. She also remembers counselors and psychologists whom she says would attempt to confuse her. “There would always be something mentally wrong with me. Every year, I was required to have a psychological exam, but the psychologist that I was forced to see–he would creep me out. He said that I wanted to be something that I was not.”

Cross Dressing feeling lonely and depressed

No one likes to be addressed as though they are an object, or someone not worthy of respect. Your transgender teen is still your child, still someone who deserves respect. As a society we commend the brave, we’ve commended war heroes and strong, valiant men, why not commend your teen who is willing to stand against an entire society who still doesn’t understand him or her. Doesn’t that in itself, deserve your respect?  Stop feeling like this is something your teen is doing to you.

Cross dressing Teen & Depression,embarrass

You may feel like a bomb has hit your life, but imagine how your teenager feels, every day. Never quite able to make it up before the next bomb, and the next, and the next. People are cruel and to make it through life still intact and full of love, your transgender teen is going to need someone to stand by him or her. Making the changes needed to successfully become the teen your child is comfortable with takes so much courage. But there’s no amount of courage that can last a lifetime. At some point in time, your teen needs to put his guard down. Be the one to keep him safe when he does.

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Keep on supporting your child through it all

He, or she, will likely rely on your emotional support for the rest of his life. Just as any child relies on the support of a parent. There are defining moments in our lives and knowing that there is a strong foundation of support can help a transgender teen through the most trying time of his life.

Cross Dressing struggling feeling lonely and depressed

Making the changes that come with being a cross dresser teenager takes immense bravery. Mom, you gave birth to this child, so you know what bravery is. Dad, you’ve made sure that your child always has food and clothing and a roof over his head, so you know what bravery is. Hold your teen closer than ever before and be that support that he needs.