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Depression in Teenage Girls is on the rise

Depression in teenage girls is on the rise.  Teenagers going through a phase  said many parents.But we now know that moody behavior may be signs of depression. How do girls compare to boys on scale of despair. Information taken from the National morbidity Survey (NCS-A) studies. Reveals that it’s estimated that about 11% percent of the youth suffer from depression by the age of 18. The survey was composed of 10 000 adolescents from America . Showed that girls are more likely to develop depressive disorder than boys. So what are some of the biggest signs? It’s important to note that depression can take on many forms and will show differences in teen girls only.

Depression in Teenage Girls is on the rise

Teenage Girls


Depression in Teenage Girls is on the rise everyday.

  • Probably the most common sign is withdrawal

Depression is something that people internalize and it can draw the sufferer very deep within themselves.

Bullying Emotional despair

In adolescents, depression often shows itself more as a desperate and overpowering feeling of emotion and not numbness. This  is sometimes difficult to pick up from the outside. As your teen is likely  hide their feelings.

Depression in Teenage Girls is on the rise

  • Change in appetite

Both anxiety and depression can cause a differences in eating patterns. Coupled with other mental disorders. This could even lead to further debilitating eating disorders. It’s always a good idea to keep an eye on your depressed teens’ eating habits. Behaviors that are too extreme such as exercise and constant talk about weight gain. Parent need to be on the alert and ready to take action to seek help for their youth.

 Depression in Teenage Girls. 

  • Signs of depression in teen girls

Hostility, anger, and severe irritability can be a suspected cause. Heightened temper tantrums don’t always mean your teenage girl will lash out with fury. Often girls have very different ways of showing their suppressed emotions. This could even show itself in the form of manipulation, mean tactics, and bullying.

 Depression in Teenage Girls is on the rise

Quick changes in behavior to note:

  • Change in sleeping patterns – tired or sudden insomnia.
  • Self harm
  • Grades dropping
  • Neglected physical appearance.
  • Change in social patterns – change of friendship circle.
  • Increased body ache.
  • Deviant Behavior.
  • Complaints about boredom. Restlessness and a decrease  enjoyment of activities that they  used to enjoy. (Note, this does not include the expected changes in maturity, such as moving on to age-appropriate activities)

Depression in Teenage Girls.

The important thing to remember is that your daughter is not always in control of her feelings.  You may not understand her at all.  but recognize and becoming aware of signs of  depression. Is your concern.  Sooner its treated mental illness the soon your teenage girl can get the help she needs.