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What does Drugs Crisis and Teens have to do with Bob Marley

Drugs Crisis epidemic is taking its toll on our youth. What does Teens have to do with Bob Marley? I’ll tell you. Pop culture has gained significant power. Its figureheads have turned into the greatest influence upon our teenagers. “Whoever controls the media. The images control the culture.” Allen Ginsberg. It’s a deep concern. When you can’t be sure about what’s going on in your children’s lives any more. Drugs are being presented. In a not so positive light. By existing and past stars, including Marley.

What does Drugs Crisis and Teens have to do with Bob Marley

Drugs Crisis, Teens, Bob Marley

He has become an iconic symbol representing the usage of marijuana as a  harmless substance.  Young adults with easy access and ready to experiment with MJ. It won’t be long before they start to use harder drugs. Joint roll up and is smoke could be lace with unknown chemicals. Can be harmful to your child.

What does Drugs Crisis and Teens have to do with Bob Marley 

John Walters says it best, “Too many young people are receiving mixed messages and inaccurate information about drugs”.  Approve the usage of reefer to teenagers is a crime. This produces a decadent lifestyle. Which allows the individual to fall into a state of addiction. Cannabis may be legalized in several states. But its still illegal for teens. Pop culture has labeled it to be something fun and cool.

 Drugs Crisis 

Adolescents faced with peer pressure on a daily bases. Social media and Bob Marley’s name along with others. All over the news ganja infused pr0ducts. Such as moisturizing creams and foods products.  It’s gimmicky, but threatening nonetheless. Teens are still in the early stages of life. They are not ready. To make informed decisions about their Mental health. They are not aware of the consequences.

 Drugs, Teens, Bob Marley

Celebrity’s opinions are considered approval that drugs use is ok. Seen as a role model they promote products to the young. Protecting  the kids become difficult.  Even more drugs will become involved. Promoting ganja this isn’t just alarming. It’s an emergency and I call upon all concerned parents. Challenge our leaders to stand up. We must get involved. Show  the children we care about them. Bob Marley should not be used to promote marijuana. Or marijuana-based products what are your taughts?