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Ebola Crisis in African now seen in American. Are you aware Ebola Crisis in Africa? YOU SHOULD NOT  overlook the signs.  Until recent Ebola was not a disease that many people knew a lot about. Since there has been several outbreaks in the United States lately. This have causes lots of concerns. As a matter of facts, Many people do not understand. What  or how to treat this condition. Many are puzzle how did this disease get here.


Virus Risks and crisis

It is Important to know that the virus travels.  That is to saySeen in the continent of West Africa. But also in certain states in American too. Stories of Health care volunteer workers. Who caught the virus after traveling to Africa and became sick here in the United States.  Flu like symptoms such as soreness and Increase  temperature. Can easily passed off as cold. Don’t  ignored these signs.

Ebola crisis in African now seen in American

Late signs  of this epidemic is hemorrhagic with high Fever in patients. The disease is Contagious. Illness can cause death. An asymptomatic individuals usually do not present with signs for sometime. Once symptoms are experienced they are usually presented with intense weakness in the body. High temp, then Muscle aches, sore throat with headaches follow.

Vomiting and bloody diarrhea occur in advance stage of illness. Hospitalization is required. And patient will be place in isolation.  PPE  outfit is needed. This is a Special gown, gloves and body mask.  Worn by medical personnel taken care of the sick person.


There is no specific treatment. Available for ebola virus at this timed. Testing is still underway. However, it could be many years before treatments. Of course its true, to treat Infected person with IV fluids, and oxygen. That assists with breathing. Antibiotics medication to fight the infection. This can decrease the spreading of bacteria. If you have travel to Africa avoid contact with others. Keep away from people. For a least ten days will make sure not spread.

Ebola Risk

Ebola outbreaks is a serious condition.  The CDC and other health care professionals are working to stop the spread.  You can stay informed and familiarize yourself. Follow the Custom regulations. Their requirement before traveling to different countries. Document their history and follow advise. About what required vaccinations will be  needed.  If you are  sick. You should reconsidered taking that trip overseas. This is not the best time. Therefore, its best to postpone plans. Different countries warning sign on website. New travelers can take note before journey.

Prevention is ongoing it’s your responsibly to be aware Ebola crisis.