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Head-Banging against hard objects, though fairly common behavior in children, is alarming to caregiversNonetheless, quite naturally so, especially when they hit their heads against something hard like walls.

head-banging girl


In fact the good news is that it can be a normal part of the developmental process for children. In brief, that said, like anything your child does. You should monitor it just in case. You need to seek medical help. In most cases, children who bang their heads against things are just trying to stimulate their senses, let out frustration, or comfort themselves.

head banging child


By the same token emotions, and sickness, are new and overwhelming for young children specially. And they deal with it the best they can, even if that means throwing temper tantrum. In cases of illness or stress, you may want to comfort them. And protect them from as much injury as possible pad hard surfacesHowever, if your child is fixated with continues to hit head on hard surfaces document  the frequency. Your doctor may prescribe padded helmet.


Furthermore, On the flip side, you might want to just ignore the behavior. Meaning: Don’t call too much attention to the banging or scold them for it. Again, this is easier said than done, of course. But what you don’t want is to teach your child that they can and should use head-banging as a way to get attention. If you ignore it, it may last just a few minutes.

Head-Banging: When to Get Seek Help

As a matter of fact, sometime In the long run, the behavior stop before it becomes a habit. On the other hand If the head-banging is very frequent. You should seek medical help for your child. This behavior could be sign of developmental delays or other issues. Also, if your child has symptoms like delayed speech or poor motor control, then that is a further sign that something is wrong.


Typically, children stop head-banging by the time they reach their teens. However, there are other forms of self-harm that you should be aware of. What this means is that even if head-banging stops, the underlying issues may still persists

 Head- Banging

These kinds of behaviors include cutting, burning them with lighters, and pulling out their hair. As they get older and realize that these behaviors are frowned-upon, they might do it in ways that are easier to hide. If you find out your older child is doing any of these things, get help immediately. They may be suffering from a mental illness like depression or, unfortunately, something they picked up so they can fit into a social group.

Head banging kids

Ideally, you want to catch head-banging before it gets too far. It’s important to teach your children healthy coping mechanisms for intense emotions and stressful situations so they don’t resort to harming themselves or others.

Keeping kids safe

Finally of course, even as adults, we often struggle with these skills, much less children. Without a doubt If you are not sure how to educate these lessons to your children, feel free to have talk with a mental health professional. To repeat they can give you the tips and tricks to both teach and model healthy behavior.

Lastly, all this might be daunting seeing your child hurting themselves. And cannot get them to stop. But remember there are people and tools available to you and also support groups of course. Check your local listing or ask your doctor who will be more than happy to assist. You should never feel you are all alone. In the end, keeping your child safe what we are all here for.