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Get Teens to Talk more

Help teens with depression to talk more is one of the hardest thing for parents to do. Adolescence  years are a roller coaster for most Parents. Mood swings are the order of the day, but there is a very big difference between the occasional upheaval and the debilitating effects of depression. As with anyone suffering from this condition, it is a very real state in which the sufferer experiences extreme low. Feelings about himself or his circumstances.“No one would ever say that someone with a broken arm or a broken leg is less than a whole person. But people say that or imply that all the time about people with mental illness.”  Elyn R. Saks. Stigma’s and stereotypes attached to teenager.  Makes it that much harder to find out whether your child is having trouble.
How to Help Teens with depression talk more to you

How to help teens with depression talk more to you.

A depressed teen is likely to be irritable and moody. They may be prone to anger outbursts and feelings of worthlessness that can send him spiraling. Some teenagers are adept at hiding their feelings while others don’t cover their hurt so well. Adolescent may  pull away from  parents. Even change your child  circle of friends. This change is usually a negative one, and the new set of friends, along with the peer pressures that comes with growing up, all add fuel to the fire. “Growing up is hard, love. Otherwise everyone would do it.”  Kim HarrisonPale Demon

Help Teens

Help to overcome don’t condemn or criticize your teen. Harsh judgments are only make your child feel worse than he already does. Prepare your son to deal with others who may not understand.Try and find a way of encouraging changes and do not push to do better. ” Not your illness. You have an individual story to tell. You’ve a name, a history, a personality. Staying yourself is part of the battle.”Julian Seifter

How to Help Teens with depression talk more to you

How to help teen with depression talk more to you

  • Help Teens Allow them to verbalize feelings especially dealing with Boys.

Often times, a boy is taught to suppress his feelings seen as  stronger than girls. This can add a lot of pressure to an already trouble situation. Allow your child to express himself and encourage positive ways. Dad, take your son to the gym and get him to sweat it out. Then have that heart to heart chat. Physical exercise is proven to ease the symptoms of depression. Plus, you’ll get  quality time with your son, even if he won’t admit to it.

Help Teens every chance you get.
  • Encourage to take up hobbies

Get your teen interested in something constructive. Better yet, find out what your she does and doesn’t want to do.

  • Let go of your control to help teens

Your teenager is becoming an adult soon.  For someone who is already emotionally overwrought it can be too much.  Independence  with trust not being given the trust can cause anger! That doesn’t mean you can allow your adolescent to do just what he pleases. There are still limits.

How to Help Teens

  • Social stigma change negative energy into positive outlets

Imagine a drain that is full of dirty water fill with clean water, you have two options: pull the plug to drain the dirty blacken water or keep adding water to eventually get rid of the dirty water. If you were to keep adding water, the dirty water would eventually spill over. It’s sometimes best to first empty out the muck, so-to-say, before trying to fill. Teach him how to get rid of the negative thoughts.

Can you help teen?

Here’s a quick 5-point guide 

  • Change negative mindset, it’ll change his life.
  • Encourage him to eat and sleep and get physically involved in sport and exercising every day
  • Give him age-appropriate responsibilities and put your trust in him. Award him for rising to the challenge, even if he doesn’t do it 100% the way you would have wanted
  • Assist and guide him.

Teenage depression on the rise parents an your strength and support will be a solid rock. For your child to rely on during the hard times. Allow open communication that is not awkward. “Depression is anger turned in-ward.” SapphirePushMost of all recognize when  time to seek Professional for treatment.