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Immigration Crisis

Illegal Children at this current time America is facing a dilemma. With roots as deep as human history. The Border crisis. For years united states of Americans frustrated about what to do. Laws enforced  war at the Mexican Border. On foot crossed the Mexican/American border illegal immigrants. Children with dreams of building a life for their loved ones. Illegal Children left at the Border causes Immigration Crisis

Illegal Children left at the Border causes Immigration Crisis

Obama’s Immigration Reform Plan  At the current time President Barack Obama is making the American people aware of his intention. His plans for a Executive Orders.Exclusive power  which overrides Congress’ ability to act. Or lack of action. Which would protect any illegal immigrants. Who are living and  working in the USA. Who are conducting their lifestyles in a crime-free manner.


According to Mr President  this meant to protect the families. Who made their homes here.  They will be able to continue to pursue their dreams. Have access for  training and education for their children.

Illegal Kids

While much debate as to whether this is a right or wrong decision. Our President think it is. Based on the state of our nation and its economy. Initiating this Orders is not smiled upon by the US Congress. With these legal and moral facts in mind. We are forced to ask ourselves about the  immigrants. Children left hanging in the ballet waiting. Deport their parents they too will be deported. Eliminating their chances for a solid future.

Illegal children

which Fulfills their hopes and dreams. Mexican fear return to a land where employment is scarce, living conditions are far less than ideal. They will receive  no education. They will become future criminals who attempt to enter the US. Do we owe the children? Perhaps not, but I challenge you to consider the facts.  Yes, we are struggling in this country, but we are in far better shape than these kids. Building wall won’t isolate us from neglecting the children needs.