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How to handle Negative Social Media Comments?

Social Media groups has completely taken hold of our society and has changed the way we interact with people. In many cases, this change has been a good one, connecting friends and family who are far apart. In other instances, it’s been less beneficial and has opened the door to cyber-bullying on a mass-scale.

How to Handle Negative Social Media Comments?

Handle Negative Social Media Comments

How exactly do you handle a nasty comment on your Facebook shares, tweets, Instagram and You tube? When you’re already battling with  depression negative from social media can be enough to break your spirit and your temper. But retaliating over the Internet is really not as effective as it may look.  It  can sparks a whirlwind of negativity. Blasting your friends  because they have done the same to you is a no-go for social network. That  mean  you should stand up for yourself. If someone has written a mean comment you have a choice how to react.How to Handle Negative Social Media Comments?

Start by staying calm.

Feeling of anger, disappointment, and pain can overwhelm your clear judgment and cause you to say things that aren’t true, or are hurtful. The problem is that anyone, at any time can [and people have a right to] report you for the things you say, regardless of whether you started the abuse or not. So the best plan of action is to consider, very carefully, how you want to react to what was said.

Consider your words social media comments carefully

When you respond to the hateful comment you’ve been exposed to, consider that once it’s out there, it’s out there. Other people will be reading it too, meaning that how you respond can directly contradict what the commenter has said about you, or it can cement what was said.

How to Handle Negative Social Media Comments?

How to Handle Negative Social Media Comments?

Trolls do exist! There will be people who will say things, just to get a response out of you.“There are many things of which a wise man might wish to be ignorant”

Ralph Waldo Emerson Don’t give them the satisfaction. These kinds of people have no end to their commentary and always have a “way out” should things get really rough, leaving you in a bad light and position.

Social Media CommentsDon’t react with negative words

Hurtful comments can certainly deepen your depression, but they really shouldn’t. Think of what the person is actually saying. Sometimes, when people say hurtful things, it’s because they themselves are hurt. So there are a number of things to consider before you act on the comment.

Be smart, and tell the truth when you act on the hurtful comment. Hiding things gives the commenter even more incentive to have a go at you. If you’ve shared a post, comment or tweet that is offensive, but perhaps you did not mean for it to be, then take the time to apologize for offending anyone.

There will always be people who will not be happy with something you’ve said. That’s the nature of social media. It gives anyone and everyone to be the publisher of their own opinions and while this is not right, it’s something that you can expect. Prepare yourself for this emotionally each and every time you send out a post, status update, tweet, Instagram pic, and so on because there will always be someone waiting for you to say something, do something or show something that they can make their own comments about.

Remember: If someone has personally attacked you, your character, your looks or anything regarding your persona, you can report the abuse on the social media platform you’re using. This will help filter out this person’s behavior from your profile, as well as other’s.