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Overcoming Hardships

Obstacles are defined as something that hinders or impedes our progress. In life we all face things that stop us from getting to the next level. The better term for these things that stop us from crossing over is challenges. We are face with many roadblocks to overcome hence to the large population of depressed teens.Parents Talk to your Teens about overcoming Obstacles

Parents Talk to your Teens about overcoming Obstacles

Some of these challenges are:

  • Bullying
  • Eating disorders
  • Lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex (LGBTQ) issues
  • Family break up
  • Alcohol and drugs

Bullying can take place anywhere. It can be verbal, social, physical or psychological. It can also be virtual. A victim feels lonely sad and powerless. Food is meant for enjoyment and nourishment.  Because of how they feel about themselves, teenagers may abuse food.

Many teens are coming out today and LGBTQ issues are of a great concern. Teenagers getting bullied because of their  preference. Their safety is of great concern. When parents break up the hearts of their children are broken. The pain of leaving without one person that you love is something that seems out of a nightmare. Most teenagers cannot handle the difficulties in their lives eventually drown their sorrows in drugs and alcohol.

How do you get your teen to talk about their Obstacles

Teenagers are caught in between childhood and adulthood therefore as a parent you must learn how to give them space. But you should know that there is safety in balance. Therefore you need to find a way of having them talk to you about their strengths and fears.

  1. Find a conversation starter

Take note of what makes your teen drop what they are doing and concentrate on giving you an answer. Your child will also take note of the interest you show in them. Someone once said that children spell love as TIME. If they note your willingness to be their even with a lot of work they will open up often.

Parents Talk to your Teens about overcoming Obstacles

Teens what Obstacles you have Overcome in your young life?
  2. Ask what not why
If you want your teenager to talk then you will need to stop asking judgmental questions. These are questions that begin with why. Such will get them on the defensive rather ask them what or how and they will enjoy spilling the beans.
  1. Don’t be a counselor or an advisor

Let your child air it all out. Next let them come up with their solutions. Jumping in to advice interferes with the process of them developing competence and confidence.

  1. Connect everyday

You need to connect with your child every day. It can be during dinner time or while doing the dishes. Anyway make the best of the time to be close. Teenagers will never invite you but when you make the time then they will draw near. Never answer them in anger when they give you a bad answer. Simply listen and always stay available.

Teach teens to overcome Obstacles in their daily life.

Now that your teen is opening up what next? When they let you know the challenges they are facing the next thing to do is to equip them on how to overcome those challenges. This simply means that you take them through the process of unraveling challenges.

  • Let them question the problem, is it really fitting to label it a problem and why?
  • Where and how did it become a problem and why is it still persistent?
  • Let your child weight the consequences. What would happen if they dealt with the issue or what would happen if they ignored it? How will it affect them and it will result in another problem?
  • Taking control let your child decide what will be controlled and who will be controlled. Do they have any other options?
  • What good thing are they taking out of this problem? Do they finally see the bigger picture?

The most important thing that you could ever teach your teen is that the higher the level, the greater the mountains. Hence obstacles will always be a part of life in every stage. Let them know that successful people are those who got hit by obstacles. But stood up, started again, and learned their right turns from their wrong turns and become successful.