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Secrets Teens Want to tell Parents Before Suicide

Secrets not meant to be kept nevertheless, its a trend amount many youth. The teens years are a confusing time for both children and their parents. Life is difficult.  Feelings can be both contradictory and vague at the best of times. Hitting puberty is a profound experience. The stage can turn your meek teenager into a wild one. As parents five years or so of this roller coaster can turn your hair grey. It may even give you constant night terrors. Leaving you feeling generally displeased with life.  But, there is one thing that all adults seem to forget.   The sheer largeness of life that can be both exhilarating and overwhelming at the same time. We forget how wonderful life seemed when we were teenagers. That the joys of  life seemed to be all in our grasp just beyond that of our parents. 

Secrets Teens want tell Parents dying

 Secrets Teens want  tell Parents dying

There is a constant game of tug rope. Your teen is demanding more responsibility. You may feel he or she is not ready. More often than not, this game can get nasty.Your adolescent may begin to feel a little isolated even a little estranged.

 Secrets Teens Want to Tell Parents Before Committing Suicide 

  1.  Say that you love me. Tell me more often

We forget how important it is to hear those words. The words I love you can heal a broken soul. Guide a lost heart, add light that may help someone in despair. Remember that no matter how rough things get. Your child still needs to hear those words. Just as much as you need to hear them.

  1. Be the moral compass I need you to be

Sure adolescence is all about rebellion. Living, and making decisions that may or may not be the best at the time. Still you child needs a role model that he or she can look up to. One that is stable and unwavering in his or her virtues. That’s difficult to do with a walking erupting volcano. But without a doubt, if your teen could look past his own emotional turmoil. He would ask you to please SHOW him the way, by being the way every day.

Secrets Teens Want to Tell Before Committing Suicide 

3.     Respect Me, please

You may not have problems with your teen. Still at this point in time your teen is building an identity. This persona may be far removed from the one he or she adopted for the past eleven to thirteen years. Now is the time of renewal and new understanding.  Your teen needs to see how to respect the choices of another human being. Even if those choices are different to his or her own. It’s not at all about allowing your young teen the freedom of the city. Rather it’s about discovering this new developing personality and respecting it.  Teaching respect you may be  surprised at the wonderful human being your child actually is.

I wish you didn’t leave / I wish you were around more

This is  one of the deepest secrets your teen has. Time is so valuable and we often use it to evaluate another’s love for us.  Based on the time they spend and invest in us we develop a sense of how much they care.  Time is an investment. Investments are usually made carefully.  If it’s not worth the while the contribution will be rejected. Perhaps that’s why we value time. As being one of the greatest gifts of love. Take some time out today and just love your teen. Even if your love looks like it’s unwanted, believe me it’s not.