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Serious Concern for Parents

Teen Cutting new problem that parents need to be aware. Everyone experiences stress and pain. But when teenagers experience those emotions, they often need assistance.  How to deal with what they are feeling inside. Teen  cutting serious problem a common method that adolescent use to deal with those pent-up emotions. That they need to learn to handle. Hiding under wrist band or long sleeves clothes is  physical scars.Teen Cutting: hidden a major Serious Concern for Parents

Teen Cutting hidden Serious Concern for Parents

Where is Teen Cutting?

Teen cutting is a form of self-injury that has increased in popularity for the past several years.  Participate in cutting one need to use various sharp objects to cut into their skin. Since the cutting is to cause pain in other areas aside from emotional pain.

Teens cut in various levels, but considered a serious problem any time the skin is open enough to cause bleeding to occur. The arms and wrists are the most popular areas that teens cut, but they can also cut on their legs, ankles, and other areas of the body. The problem usually starts during the teen years and continues well into adulthood. The cutting  made by the teen often leave a scar on the skin.

Teen Cutting: hidden a major Serious Concern for Parents

Concern for Parents

How does Cutting Start?

Teen who cuts do so to release build up emotions within themselves. They think that the cutting will make them feel better or take away the pain. While this might be true for short-term belief, effect something is short live. Cutting can lead to serious problems-including impulsiveness, although people who cut are usually not doing so to cause serious harm to themselves or want to die.Sometimes teen cutting is caused by teasing, family issues, and peer pressure from other people. Teens live difficult lives. Even a young parent may not understand just how difficult to be a teen in today’s age.

Teen Cutting: hidden a major Serious Concern for Parents

What to do if your Teen is cutting?

Getting help for the cutting should be something that is done sooner than later.  The cutting may lead to more than … serious problems they need someone to talk to about their problems, or it could become a serious mental health issues that need a therapist involvement. Teenage may feel comfortable talking to you about their problems and what is causing them to cut, but also a good chance that they will not. If your teen doesn’t feel comfortable talking to you about their problem, do not be alarmed. Simply part of the age process monitor behavior from a distant. Seek out Counselors who are experience can listen and build trust with teens will allow them to talk   about what is bothering them and causing the behavior.


The most important thing that you can remember is that cutting is not something that you should let go without seeking some sort of help. Teen cutting is a serious problem that needs to be addressed. Cutting is not likely to go away simply because you have seen the marks on your teen or because someone has alert you about them.  A cry for help that should be addressed immediately allowing this self harm type of behavior to continue. Only causes long-term habits which may lead to bigger issues.