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Feed the hungry on Thanksgiving Day

To be without on Thanksgiving Day is a sin. Everyone deserves to be able to have a delicious meal.While also surrounded by people who care.  Helping someone in need is something that you desire. To do, not just on Thanksgiving. There are many ways in which this mission can be accomplished.“ After a good dinner one can forgive anybody, even one’s own relations.”  Oscar Wilde.Destitute Thanksgiving Day

On Thanksgiving 

Thanksgiving Day is a holiday celebrated in the United States on the fourth Thursday in November.  One of the best ways to help those less fortunate than you. Is to feed them. There are many different facilities that offer Thanksgiving meals for homeless individuals. Volunteering your time at one of these organizations is a rewarding way to give back.

This Thanksgiving Day

You can also donate to a homeless shelter during the holidays. How about donate canned goods, clothing, hygiene items or help feed the hungry. One such organization in Atlanta, Stand up for kids and  Hosea Helps. The secret is give.

Not only on Thanksgiving Day

You can provide a poverty stricken person with package of goodies such as socks, and personal item to keep them warm this holidays. But remember to do this with caution, best not to give money. Not every person that you meet is what he or she seems to be from the outside. Most people are good people who have encountered hard times. You can provide this person with a hot meal and a warm, caring environment for the holidays.

Spare a little of your TIME with the Destitute

Thanksgiving Day is a time to gather with friends and family. Not only showed our gratitude.  Let us not forget the once who are hurting. Abandoned by the person they love. Random act of kindness is an unselfish act.  It takes strength to focus on others. When you are depressed try to get out and get involve. 

There will be people who question your motive. I know what you are thinking. I am sad.  How can I help another who is in despair? Just like a smile can warm a person heart.  Desire for another human being. Can change you for the better. It can also make you feel good. You will be surprise how helping can cause you to stop worrying. Try it and see.