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Nurse Working New Year’s Eve

Nurse Working New Year’s Eve just another Day! You fear death stare. Never ask a nurse for her Thanksgiving turkey recipe. Or where she will be watching the New Year Eve fireworks. For these Santa’s of healthcare the next most important thing after their patients. Is not their uniforms or paperwork, it is time off! It is only now, when some gas pumps and stores have started operating three hundred and sixty-five  days a year and twenty-four hour seven round the clock. That they have joined a nurse’s ranks of nocturnal and open-on-all-public-holidays service.Nurse Working New Year's Eve just another Day in the neighborhood


Nurse Working New Year’s Eve just another Day in the neighborhood.

Being a registered nurse who will be on duty this New Year’s Eve and day, I think I might need a CLONE to be at the hospital and take the temperature and pulse readings, while my body double revels at the epic Time Square NYE Big Ball Drop. Put a halt to your thoughts if I have made you believe that I don’t have a family at home, or that I really need to work to earn; when in nursing, scheduling your time off around Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year may become a nightmare when everybody and I mean everybody, wants these days off.

If you think you deserve it off because you have kids, your chances may still be slim as there may be fifty other nurses who left their babies crying at home!

” nurse who will be on duty working New Year’s Eve may need a CLONE”

While others may be promising to achieve a size zero this coming year, my New Year resolution would be to never diet. Chances are I may be lying unconscious on the bed next to my patient’s siping on glucose after a twenty hour shift…Just kidding!

Nurse Working New Year’s Eve just another Day

I may not be at Times Square to watch the New York Event fireworks and parade, but all is well and merry as long as I can watch the Big Ball Drop on television with the kids in the unit.  While having our own festivity with my coworkers eating Bonbon’s our New Year’s celebration. What will you be working New Years Eve?