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False believes about Mental Illness in the african american community.

Black children and depression: There is an illusion that despair only happens to White people with money. However, Sadness and the blues affects everyone regardless of  age, race or class. There is  even more common fallacy regarding who mental illness doesn’t affect. Additionally, the overwhelming belief is that Blacks do not usually suffer.

  1. Black people do not struggle with depression and mental illness like other kids. 

We suffer just like everyone else does. In the same way, if you’re suffering, please know you’re not alone.  African American teens you can get help, too

Teenage depression and Black children: 10 myths

Black children family believes.

  1. Therapy is not for our black children. 

No one is  partial to the process of being evaluated and then medicated. However, this is not the only thing that therapists do. This idea is common “knowledge” in the Black community as well.

  1.  Black children who are depressed is considered weak.

Often takes a very strong person to deal with clinical depression. And ask for the help they need as well.  Shunned by family this an extra burden that an already depressed teen has to endure.  Your child is not weak. They are having a difficult time coping. The fact remains that anyone who has a  history of depression is at a higher risk  regardless of the race not beacuse of any weakness.

The black children going to be label as crazy or lazy.

  1. Parents  afraid society will look down on their child. 

Prolonged sadness  is not something that a teen will simply “snap out of”. It is a severe condition that, if untreated, can get worse. The youth is not lazy. Depression make them just want to sleep. Fearful of what society thinks of your teenagers may harm her in the end. Especially, if it is overlook or not recognized in the home. It is important that parents recognize the symptoms and make sure their teen gets treated.

Teenage depression and Black children learn the facts before you judge.
  1. Anxiety is a White problem.

Actually, social anxiety disorders are extremely common for all kinds of teens. Anxiety is not strictly found in White communities. It should be noted that, the way the two different cultural groups deal with anxiety may differ. Furthermore, all races of people suffer from being anxious at times.

10 Myth about Black kids & Teenage Depression

7.Singing and dancing  must mean “HAPPY”

We have an amazing capacity to smile in the face of adversity. This ability does not mean that they we are not suffering inside.

8.They deal well with their stress and hardship.

Everybody deals with stress differently. Some teenagers  have learned to cope well with their life stresses. Life lessons can make a person stronger. And more capable of handling different situations However, this is not a temporary circumstance. The Black community needs to deal with Mental disorder because, it can give rise to numerous illness.

There is hope and help.

9 Teenage depression is temporary.

Important to realize, these myths associated with various ethnic groups.  It is not merely state of a teen being sad to clarify, depression is debilitating and can take over a person’s life. The effects of depression can be lifelong.

10. White Doctors & medicine won’t help my child.

Clinical depression can be very difficult to treat. The proper support and medication helps. If it is not recognized as a problem among many African Americans.There is the feeling that Black people  will not be offered medical support. It’s probable that lifestyle, religious and cultural influences play a huge role. African American adolescents must deal with their illnesses. Many teens are denied access to treatment because of parental beliefs. That’s why it is vital to recognize that Black American teens are equally susceptible to mental disorders. It is important to offer guidance and support wherever possible, as you would do for anyone else.

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