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Sticks Stones May Break Bones

Bullying hurts…Whoever said  Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me” The bullying stories.

Never spent a day walking the hallways of the average American middle school. Children go to school each day. Feeling they are not beautiful, cool, smart or thin enough.

Sticks Stones May Break Bones, Bullying Hurts Forever

Children are already in such a fragile state during their middle and high school years. Surprise that bullying stories at school has led them to resort to violence or even worse, their death. In trying to escape the hatred and ignorance of their classmates.

Bullying Hurts

Back in high school, I was the target of mean and hateful girls. Who made me miserable. My mother thought they were “just jealous of me” didn’t make sense, and in fact, made me feel invalidated in my fears and feelings. Some of the girls would circle around me in the hallways; laugh at my clothes and my shoes.

Sticks Stones May Break Bones, Bullying Hurts Forever

Sticks Stones May Break Bones, Bullying Hurts Forever

Making loud announcements at lunchtime that I stuffed my bra. Or make up wild rumors that I was promiscuous, easy, and trashy. One day in particular, they followed me from one class to another bumping into me from all sides. I’ll never forget two sounds: the sound of my heart beating crazy in my ears and the sound of their laughter. I was in a crowded hallway and felt utterly alone. No one wanted to stand up and risk being their next target, and the sympathetic glances of my “friends” did nothing to help my humiliation, fear, and loneliness.

Sticks Stones May Break Bones, Bullying Hurts Forever

Bullying hurts you and me.
 I was never a violent person. Hell, I hated any confrontation; so standing up for myself. Seemed like a terrifying an impossible option. I was a good student and knew if I were to get into a fight, I could get suspended. And would tarnish my squeaky-clean school record. Day after day I feared walking the hallways. I stayed home from “sick” too many times to count to avoid them, but when I got back the following day was always worse.

I remember the day it all changed like yesterday. Tuesday, and I took my usual deep breath walking faster than usual out one classroom and down the hallway to my next class. They liked this particular time because the distance between classes allowed them greatest torture time. When the one with braces and curly hair reached out and grabbed my hair, it felt like happening in slow motion. As my head pulled forward, a sudden, indescribable strength shot into my hands, which were somehow already into fists. I’m not sure what they hit first, but a solid blow landed somewhere on a skull. The grip on my hair immediately released, followed by a swift punch to my cheek. In a whirlwind of screams, concrete, and punching with a fit of anger and force that had simmered under the surface for months, I was fighting back.Sticks Stones May Break Bones, Bullying Hurts Forever

Bullying Hurts forever

As I sat with a swollen face in the principal’s office, I was terrified of the trouble I was about to received. I had never done anything like this and was scared and embarrassed. The principal called her in first, and I flinched as she walked by my chair and into the office. After, the director called me and said although I was a good student. I got suspended.

After three days of sitting at home watching talk shows, I returned to school. Word in the hallway was that I had earned a new respect from my peers.

Bullying can last a lifetime emotionally, and vital that everyone take a stand against it. Important to assess careful those who do the bullying, and figure out the reason. Although not blame in the least, sometimes the bully needs just as much help, support, guidance and love as a victim. In order to stop the epidemic of cruel words and broken hearts, adults need to look at the way we talk to our children, and more importantly, the way we talk to other adults. Kids are going to look at adults as role models and as examples of how to act. Important for adults to ask themselves if they are the kind of person they want the next generation to become. Do you agree that Bullying Hurt  (why or why not)   share  in the comments.