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Children Safety our concerns strate here. Mark McDaniel, who was allegedly dating “Momma” June Shannon. Should have heeded child star Honey Boo Boo’s advice. “Etiquette classes are for stupid people,” and enrolled himself in a few classes at the local community college. I  have come to wonder. How are  children really safe.  Its  better than to not get involved with anyone who has children. Secondly, have no want to be in the limelight.

children Safety

After all, getting involved with a national television star. Is a recipe to have your life flaunted all over any media outlet. In light of TLC’s decision to pull “Here Comes Honey Boo Boo” off the air because of the McDaniel allegations.

Children Safety

“Supporting the health and welfare of these remarkable children is our only priority. TLC is faithfully committed to the children’s ongoing comfort and well-being,” gives me comfort that safety has out weighted ratings. I am still troubled. June Shannon is a mother of four children whose life is televised. A convicted offender has no qualms about immersing himself in her life. Are you kidding me? That takes guts! Alcoholics avoid bars for a reason. Shouldn’t the same go for addicts? Do all offenders boast the same psychological profile just wondering.

Children Safety

Children Needs

According to The California Coalition predators they cannot. Thank god that TLC and its staff had the good sense protect Honey Boo and her siblings. But what about the kids who don’t have national Television networks protecting their best interests? Again, I ask, “Are our kids safe?” Scary as it seems, I don’t think so.

Your child safety

Let’s face it, we don’t live in Mayberry. Sheriff Andy and Barney Fife can’t protect our kids. From the world of cyber seduction. Since hanging out online has replaced hanging out at the mall. The local Paul Blart, mall cop, cannot take on the bad guys in person. Not every parent has a multimillion-dollar contract. With a national television network. To look out for their kids’ best interests either.

Children Safety needs to be address

Parents are eft to depend on states.  Megan’s Law web pages and resources to educate themselves. Location were convict  live. But there are many more who are attracted to children. Lurking among the FIOS lines that are the World Wide Web. While our digital footprints continue to get bigger, so does our trust in the Internet. As parents we have a much bigger burden than, “When June sat on my lap… I could not feel my feet.” We have to be continue to teach our children. To recognized the difference between trusting people or trusting their image.