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 Not Easy

Decision making is never easy for anyone. There is going to always be many times you’re faced with making choices. Don’t mean the kind where you can’t decide. What to wear to that party. How to balance your social life. I’m talking about the kind of choice that will last years, possibly even a lifetime. For some teens, being decisive is just like buttering bread nothing to it. For others, even the simplest result can be agony. “Crying is all right in its way while it lasts. But you have to stop sooner or later, and then you still have to decide what to do.” C. S.  Lewis. 

Decision making is never easy for anyone

It is never easy for anyone

When you’re faced with choosing between different options do you know you’re making the right choice. You might be feeling like you’re not ready to make serious commitments. Or that you’d rather choose another day. This is not always a bad thing, and shying away from making a decision can sometimes help you make the right one.

International Youth Day: we need to give young people a …

International Youth Day: We need to give young people a voice in decisions-making. Excluding young people from making decisions will affect them. Here is when you should not make any of those permanent life decisions.

Decision making is never easy for anyone

When you’re tired or emotional 

It’s so easy to make a rash decision, just to get the pressure of making the decision out of the way. Rather wait until you’ve had plenty of rest. Even being too happy can cause a person to make shallow decisions, so it’s not just about being emotional.

When you’re pressurized for results

Feeling pressure from the people around you to make that decision — you CAN, and SHOULD say no. Don’t be manipulated into doing anything you’re not comfortable with — and yes, it is manipulation.Decision making is never easy for anyone

If you’re not sure about the choices

Successful solution-making is like a muscle that can be trained. Even so, sometimes you’re faced with a choice that’s not so black and white and you have to go with the best out of the lot. These resolution can take time though, and it’s always good to weigh up the advantages and disadvantages so that you’re well aware of what you’re getting yourself into.

Never easy for anyone


This article deals with analyzed in psychology. See also Decision theory. In psychology, decisionmaking is regarded as the cognitive
  • When you’re hungry

    Making choices

Being hungry can actually affect your choices. Not only do you need energy to keep your body running. You can literally be swayed when you’re experiencing hunger. You’re more likely to choose the easiest option. This saves you having to make that tough decision.  It can snowball and affect everything later on in life.  When it’s perhaps too late to change it, or it will require more effort and energy.

You can do it

It’s always good to be committed to what you’ve chosen. It’s  OK to back out if you know it’s something you really cannot see through. Making those determination can be liberating and can feel incredibly empowering. Your teen years are super-exciting. You get to choose what you’d like to study.  Which college you’d like to attend, and what career you’d like to pursue. You can brace yourself for a lifetime of productive decision-making. Mistakes are bound to happen. Embrace them with arms wide open and face the challenges head-on.