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Give teen love advised carefully

Teen love: You like someone and she likes you back. For some reason, she likes you just the way you are. Despite your weird haircut and the fact that you mess up your words when you talk to her, she likes you that way. Finding love is a very exciting thing. It’s pretty awesome having someone who gets you the way no-one else does. “All that matters is me and this sweet boy who thinks I’m beautiful.” Stacey TrombleyNaked 

How to help teen love advised carefully__Happy Relationship

How to help teen love advised carefully__Happy Relationship

So how do you hold  what you’ve got and what should you do to make sure that it becomes a quality relationship in your life? Make sure that the person you’re putting so much effort into is, in fact, worth it and you’re not being blinded by your reputation of said person.

Teen Love and relationship advice:

Don’t cheat. Don’t do it. It’s not cool at any age, male or female. And the habits you set up now will likely follow you later. If, at some point you think you may not like the person anymore. Tell them and break it off. This is not only kind, but it’s a responsible way of dealing with a done relationship. Guys; girls will actually respect you more for this and girls; guys will be happy you didn’t string them along.

How to help your teen love become happy

Teen Love and relationship just wait. It’s exciting, you’re young, your blood pumps at a 5 gallon-per second-rate through your body each time you’re together, but do yourself a favor and wait. If you just can’t wait, then be responsible and keep it covered. No glove, no love. “We were the wrong age for love and yet it was all we could think about.” Brendan CowellHow It Feels 

Develope friendship first

Ask yourself what your intentions are. Then ask the person you like the same question. Let each other know from the get-go where you stand. Remember that you are still growing. You’re still figuring out what you do and don’t like what you need and don’t need. Don’t set yourself up for heartache by holding someone who wants leave. Signs a relationship is over comes with experience.

Advised carefully

  • Girls – we all know that saying; boys are two years behind in maturity. That doesn’t mean that a boy 2 years older than you is going to treat you right. Pick him wisely.
  • Boys – Girls don’t always know what they want, don’t take it to heart. Move on.

There’s no rule book to love, there’s nothing that says you have to be 27 years old before you fall in love, or that you must have a car and a nice house before you can be worth your weight in gold in a relationship. There are, however, tons of people who have done the dating thing for a very long time. Talk to them, ask them what their experiences were, and don’t just talk to people your age.  Talk to someone who is happily married and ask them about relationship problems listen to answers. Best advice Parent to give your teen about love  is to just wait.