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High Schools Public or Private

High Schools can be stressful. How can we make our schools safe for teens again? Parents we taught our kids to focus and learn. Sometimes the topics and principles seem hard to understand. Teachers prepare and give students endless assignments, quizzes and tests. Which causes some teens to feel anxious and overwhelmed. Opposite to school work anxiety is the new scariest.

High schools

Frightening thoughts of the unknown not able to protect our children. Let’s not forget the schoolmates that make the school experience a living hell.

High schools world the life of teenagers.

How can we make our school environment  safe for teens again? High schoolers have been recently hit hard by killing from mass shooters. We can’t allow these tragedies to continue to plague our school systems. Keeping all of this in check is difficult for schools. And, unfortunately, this sometimes has tragic results. In recent years, school shootings have been on the rise. Recent incident that happened in Florida now is as good a time. As any to discuss how we can address the mental health. Of our students and have a plan in place.

Junior high Schools factors.

Prevention to make sure these incidents never happen on school grounds in the future. Yet in the news again shootings on the grounds and hallways. Well, in most of these cases, bullying seems to be a major factor. Another is noncompliance with or side-effects of psychiatric medication. The evidence is clear: mental health is crucial to our efforts to prevent school shootings.

Public high schools around the globe

High Schools Student with Mental illness 

It is important to remember, though, that those young people that perpetrate these actions are often victims themselves. They suffer in silence for many of their young years, and our–society as well as the school system–have a responsibility to protect and care for them, too. The solution may be more administrative training or counseling for teachers and parents.

County  high schools

Unfortunately, there are some problems. Schools are just that: Place for education. The school districts are not authorized to provide mental treatment services. And can face violations infringing on the rights of parents by treating their child. Granted that, school counsellors may have the ability and privilege counseling. In other words, daily interaction with students on a day-to-day basis. Can provide some of the support they need. Online school appears to be the safest for our children. Interesting thoughts don’t you think?

High schools

 Arming teachers not the answer. 

This responsibility cannot be handled by only school counselor, though. Other teachers and staff, even without being trained as psychologists, can be taught to identify mental health issues, and sensitized about how to deal with them. This will not only help to prevent in-school violence. But be a great help to students who face other mental health issues that may not be dangerous to anyone’s physical well being.

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High Schools Make if official take responsibility now!

The school’s web should state this action and implement immediately. A few things schools can do to protect the mental health of their students. Here is an  example, address bullying, not just in a reactionary way. In a proactive way. They can have sessions with students that help them to lessen these occurrences of bullying. Schools can teach students techniques like ‘fogging’ (verbally agreeing with the bully) and ‘negative enquiry’ (challenging what the bully is saying)

Lessons learn from mistakes public High schools life.

Teach Self-affirmation and empowerment techniques to the staff and youth. Can be good for lessening the impact of bullying. Students both before and after bullying incidents even
with all these efforts and trainings. There will still be students who continue to struggle. With mental health issues. Staff training to identify signs and systems of depression as well as mental illness.

Public high schools

Reaching out

We all should be at the forefront advocating along with parents for the student health. Depression cannot be ignored. these students cannot be left alone. Schools can partner with an organization to provide the means. Students to get the help they need. Without feeling judged or that their private information will be expose. It is important to know there is no easy answer. We need to work together to make it happen for the safety and mental health of our young ones. SaveSaveSaveSaveSaveSave