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 Humor Therapy Can Help You Smile Again

Good Humor is the best medicine. Laughing unlike, crying its make us feel good. When you are struggle or dealing with  depression It seem as if we will never smile or laugh again. But, a good joke maybe just what we need. How Humor Can Help You Smile Again but also, why this form of therapy is equally, good.

Humor and laughter is beneficial to your health.

Laughing has some awesome long-term benefits such as, It is a remedy for conflict, stress and even pain. Laughter has been proven to bring the mind and body back into perfect alignment. Humor lightens the burdens of life, it also has the ability to connect you to others and keep you grounded and alert. With this wonderful resource at our disposal, how do we find the strength to laugh when life isn’t all rainbows and daisies.

Humor  Therapy doesn’t have to be a formal treatment. It can be initiated by tuning into to your favorite sitcom. Maybe Kevin Hart is the comedian whose act you cannot sit through without cracking a smile. If so, schedule a Netflix and chill night and reduce your stress levels and blood pressure in the process. If Mr. Beans causes your tickle box to turn over, YouTube has score of his skits.

Humor treatment can cheer you up.

In the 1930’s, humor therapy was popularized by hospitals, that brought clowns into their pediatric units to help the kids cheer up. The staff noticed that this helped the children. Not only did this therapy allow the children to gain strength mentally, but it also had a profound effect on their physical states as well. It wasn’t long before doctors realized that there is great value to laughter that comes from the soul. There’s a healing energy about laughter that even Western physicians are beginning to incorporate into patients’ care plans.

Try Humor therapy its free to anyone.

Humor is not intended to replace the care of a trained physician. It is intended to be a SUPPORT traditional medicine. In combination with the patient’s medication, humor therapy can provide elevations in mood, mind and spirit. There are documented cases of  final stage cancer patients experiencing a regression  in their disease. Many of these patients report their changed disease state was a result of the lifestyle change and implementation of humor therapy.

The secret to a successful therapy session is to find something that you can enjoy. Part of overcoming any illness such as depression, is having patience. Release any preconceived notions and allow yourself to relax and genuinely enjoy the moment. The results will not be immediate, but over time you will begin to notice a difference in your overall mood and stress levels.  Humor Therapy can Help you Smile again

Try these helpful tips to receive the greatest benefit from your humor therapy:

  •  Don’t push yourself be Patient.

Humor therapy will not work for everyone. If after trying it, you don’t notice a difference it may not be the therapy for you.

  • When you have had a happy day, be grateful for it.

When you are going through a rough patch, it may be hard to remember the happy moments. But, the happy moments will resurface. Try your best to revel in the moment, relish the feeling. Engage in the happy feeling with each of your senses. How does it look, taste, feel and smell?  Experiencing your happiness in this way will make it easier to retrieve the memory when you are feeling down.

Human Therapy of Laughter takes practice.

Have you ever listened to someone who giggles effortlessly and thought: “They sound so happy, I wish I could tap into that energy?” Well, that person has practiced laughing easily, now it comes naturally. The more you joke, the easier you’ll find it to do. You may even find yourself giggling at things without any effort.

Laughter is only one part of the healing process. But, it is definitely worth a try.  When you realize that, it will become easier not to take yourself so seriously. Then you can begin the work of healing your mind, body and soul.  So let go and LOL it up into the night. Here is a picture of a cat running away from a cucumber to get you started.

Humor Therapy Can Help You Smile Again