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Illegal Immigration 

How does Illegal Immigration Affects Child Development? Every year, thousands of people move for a better life. Some embarked on this journey alone leaving their children behind. Mexico has one of the highest migration rates in the world. Each year, an alarming number of illegals’ families are torn apart by resettlement of one or both parents. Children are now crossing the Mexican border alone.

Illegal immigration Affects Child Development


Illegal immigration Affects the child development

Effects of parents’ relocation on children can be devastatingDepression and increased anxiety are among the most common problems. Mental health issues persist throughout adolescence. Many of these kids suffer emotionally. They are developmentally delayed and have trouble with social skills. When parents leave children behind, kids feel insecure and lost. Many youngsters become withdrawn and start acting out.

 The Affect on child development

When immigration separates parents and children, it tears at the very structure of the family.

It causes financial burden and social stigma. The children feel abandonment, worthlessness, and self-hatred. Caregivers entrusted to take care of these children often neglect them. This affects the child’s psychological development. Lower school grades, lack of motivation, and other social issues can result when children move to America from places such as Mexico without one or both parents.

Illegal immigration

Illegal immigration Affects child development if Parents leave 

Excerpt from Left across the Border 

“There is a saying about eyes and how they can be like a window into your soul. I guess that’s probably true. Look into my eyes. Well, you can try, but most of the time I won’t really let you. If you do see into my eyes, I think you would see my soul. You would see that there is brightness and there is darkness because my soul is both. My soul is bright because I grew up with two parents who love me and two sisters that I love to the moon and back.

Illegal immigration Affects who!

Let’s speak about emptiness and abandonment issues related to illegal immigration. There should be a better way to keep a family together. What have you been taught about Mexican immigration reform? Should the government send people back? Do you agree with Donald J. Trump or Barack Obama’s plans? If we build walls, what does it means for America, right? Leave comments below!