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Inspirational Message for Teens

Every now and then we all need to hear an Inspirational Message or two. It isn’t  easy living with despair.  If  given the chance to walk away and never look back again. You would  take it with both hands. Teen years are supposed to be fun, exciting, and full of discovery. Depression can really grate your noodle and dampen your youth, but that doesn’t mean you’re stuck with it for life.

Inspirational Message for Depressed Teens inspire hope

Inspiring Message for You

I have always been drawn to this saying or cliche,  “When you’ve hit rock bottom, there’s nowhere else to go but up.” It reminds me of my younger years. Yes, there was chaos, but looking back, I loved it. Sure I made a few mistakes, some I thought I’d never bounce back from, but guess what? I did. I learned from them. That’s my wish all depressed teens.  I want you all to learn to live with all your heart and never stop dreaming on.

Yes, There Are Second Chances 

Inspirational Message for Teens Inspire hope.

There will be situations that you will go through that will not always be perfect, butt they can be perfect for you as long as you make the best of each situation. Life will keep changing and as scary as that may seem to some, it’s actually a gift. It means that you can constantly reinvent the wheel. So if you’re stuck with square wheels, don’t worry. Tomorrow you’ll get the chance to make them round.

You Gotta  to have HOPE

Inspirational Message for Depressed Teens inspire hope

How Depressed Teens Can Stay Inspired and have hope
  1. Share your problems  

We tend to forget that we can fix this problem. Have you  told anyone how you feel? There is no reason to be ashamed. It’s not a weakness, it’s a chemical imbalance.

Your life will get better. You have to believe.

  1. You are a thousand times stronger than you think

Pain has a funny way of shaping character. I’m not saying that one needs aches to become a better person. But a lot of times , misery has the ability to shape you into a kind and more considerate person. Is the force strong within you, or are you going to let your despair take you to the dark side? The choice is yours.

Your feelings are real.Your child has rights but not to be ignored

  1. You have a say over how you feel

 It’s true you may not always have a say over where you go, who you get to go with, and what you do with your time. Mom and Dad probably still dictate a little. You do have a say over how you feel. Melancholy has a way of lying to you. It shames you into feeling worthless when you are not. You have a place in this world that is cut out of the stars and you have every right to that claim.

Support is available to you…Just ask

  1. You’re not alone 

The isolation that depression causes can make you feel like the loneliest person in the world. You feel like no one gets how deep your pain goes. In fact, there are hundreds of thousands of teens across the world who live with the same hurt you do every day. There are support groups and forums online. There, you can connect to those who are feeling at their worst.

Inspirational Message for Depressed Teens Inspire hope.
  1. You CAN move past teen depression

You have probably been over this time and time again. There’s just nothing you can do to change your situation. WRONG! as a matter of fact, You CAN even though your depression will keep telling you otherwise.

Because, trust me, it has absolutely no wish to see you succeed in anything. You have the ability to make small changes that can, over time, result in a big difference.