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Embrace change

Life transitions is a process we go through in our lives at different stages. For teenagers this can be a wake up call. For others this period will be smooth or fill with uncertainty and chaos. But in order for your youth to move on they need to grow up. “Our real discoveries come from chaos, from going to the place that looks wrong and stupid and foolish.” ― Chuck Palahniuk, Invisible Monsters. as mother we often want to sheild our child from heartaches and pain. Let your child fall and fall until he or she learn the difference. Struggles in like is unavoidable. Here are 3 types of life transitions you need to know to move on in life.

3 types of life transitions you need to know to move on

3 types of life transitions you need to know.

  • Body Images

Between pre-teen years can be difficult.. Hormonal changes and moody swings is not a force parents want to reckon with at that time. The bumpy days for adolencent to young adul all parents want  a little bit of normalcy.  After all the child is struggling for their own independence. And we as parents still feel like holding on. Know one want to back down daily fights can take its toll on the family household. Tell your child you love her make her feel accepted and nature and this will uplift self-esteem.

Types of life transitions for your child to grow-up.

  • Being an adult

It’s not easy being an adult. At eighteen your child is expected to become a full fledge adult over night. For the majority of teens going off to college is their first taste of freedom and what adult life is all about. This is also the period they make the most mistakes. They get depressed. Give them enough support during this transitional phase of their life. They do not need your ridicule.

Life transitions
  • A Lesson about money 

Often times as parents we give our kids everything because we did not have those privileges. Only to find out later it was the wrong message we were sending to our child.  Money management lessons learn the hard way in college. Away at school credits cards are given freely to youth. Who have little or no control about budget and spending wisely. This can cause them to become depressed. When they realize how burdensome debt can be. Like the saying easy to get and harder to get rid of.