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Married Parents Important for the Children.  American society cultural image of happy and flourishing families. Where both parents are committed to each other.  Kids need stable and loving parents who are committed to each other and their marriage. The realities relationships in this society changed with the public attitude towards parenting. Society no longer assumes marriage as a norm. While research confirmed the importance of traditional customs and practices. These studies prove children do better if  raised by both parents in  caring environment.  Teens  not living with both of their parents face many hardship.

Married Parents

Married Parents

The child themselves are resilient.  Rebound from the broken marriage of their parents never easy. Girls who dad left early has even harder time to adjust.  Life in teens years presents with many problems including depression. Can causes permanent negative effects on their life.  The Youngers suffer in an environment where both parents are hostile towards each other.  Children who grow up in families that are stable and happy.   Parental roles that are positive can help shape the child’s character.  Single mother with kids are at a higher risks for low self worth.  The youth  suffering due to negligence of their parents. Raising teenagers  pose difficult if father chose to walk out on his family. Solo parent with teens faces much challenge. Strong male presents needed. Whether uncle, or grandfather to reinforce family balance.

Married Parents is a form of stability Important for Children.

The child need role model to teach social skills. Absentee Father causes  the teen struggle with issues of  abandonment and low self esteem.  Developing  trust take time and patience so that they can heal. Through daily interaction with the child a  bond can form which lead to building trust.

Married Parents

Parenting skills does not always determine how your child will turn out. And marriage cannot make your kids be ok. Two parents household present financially stability, social support and family interactions. Life lesson of how a girl should act or a boy should treat a lady is first learn my imitating parent. You can survive this if you are face with issues. What do you think?