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Nursing Career

Congratulation in passing your boards. Now a full pledge nurse ready to serve the world. Before you jump to sign up with travel agency cause you want to view the world. Read on Top 10 Mistakes Avoid Nursing Career.  To travel you will need to be a nurse for a year. The  Agency is not discouraging because they are mean. Its human nature to make bloomers. But to not learn from them is a sin.  Common and crucial blunders to avoid in  nursing  .  “We learn from failure, not from success!” ― Bram Stoker  Here is a safe way to avoid errors.

Top 10 Mistakes Avoid Nursing Career

Want to know 10 Mistakes Avoid Nursing Career

  • Be safe and double-check yourself. Before you reach work or take on your travel assignment, make sure you are  guarded against workplace injuries, and illnesses. If you are headed to a disease struck location. Be sure of all your vaccinations, preventive medications, and training on how to react in unexpected circumstances.
  • Bullying is a worldwide phenomenon. It may not only be the senior staff who bullies.  But also the fellow nurses who may be intimidating. Treat you in an not so welcome manner. Many hospitals hold a zero-tolerance policy against staff bullying. Don’t take matters into your own hands. Seek help by getting the issue reported through suggestions & complaint boxes.

10 Mistakes

  • Job & Patient abandonment is a serious Boo-Boos!  In this noble profession is a tough job with no set work hours or workload. You cannot abandon a patient or refuse an assignment. Just because you don’t like it. Or too exhausted and it is Christmas. There is no way out of an accepted contract.  Unless the patient requests for you to be changed. Hospitals and nursing boards take job abandonment serious.  And playing around with these two words may cost you nursing license!
Mistakes in nursing.
  • Stay clear on the drug test. If you are on a travel assignment you will be tested.  For the presence of even a hair sized trace of drugs, as soon as you get off the plane. Not only risk losing your license  & job in case of testing positive.  But also a heavy fine that may draw out your entire honeymoon savings trying to get home.
  • Do not cancel a travel assignment in the middle of a contract. It might be the last one you may ever be offered and you may not even get paid for the part of contract you served.

Want to know #10 Mistakes Avoid Nursing Career

Avoid in your nursing History
  • Party hard but study and work harder. If your travel assignment has taken you to New York City or Boston. You may want to limit  partying to score high on the hospital tests. Failing the test you will be on the flight back home the same day; and probably on your own expense!
  • While on a travel assignment, be respectful to the native. You are playing on their home ground and they know the hospital, the staff, and the work environment better than you do!
  • Be specifically vigilant in the Mental Health Departments. Do not get extra chummy even if you find a kid very cute. Holding back your emotions is way better than getting a sudden punch across your face because you agitated a child by a high-five or reminding them of their mother.
  • Do not develop a habit of providing medication to other members of the medical staff. Ask them to make use of the CVS for all the Tylenol, Aspirin and blood pressure tablets that they have left at home.
  • Don’t let the profession grow on you. You are in this noble service because you are good enough to be here. Develop a sense of humor, take regular breaks to de-stress, and learn to see the lighter side when things get tough.

This is  Honorable Profession don’t let these fallacies deter you. Be honest own up to your wrongdoing life little lessons. Ignored theseTop 10 Mistakes Avoid Nursing Career may be short live!