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 Nursing Career  

Why Nursing is ok most of the time here is my story. Just cleaned out my work bag and found two apples, four granola bars and five alcohol swabs. As a nurse all the world’s your locker  for that cotton and saline.  Why Nursing is for me I keep telling myself. You arm yourself well. Because you have no idea what you are about to encounter literally every time you go to work, EXCEPT paperwork. Lots and lots of it and no time for friendship only the friendship at work. Nursing

The mention of  ten or twelve hour shifts which might just start at 6pm or 6am. Might raise some eyebrows but in nursing it becomes music to your ears. If it mentions a five-minute toilet break. Sometimes you work so hard that you go entire shifts without eating, sitting or drinking, ditto going to the bathroom. It cyclically goes something like this: We’re understaffed- “This is pathetic”-“I’m calling in, I’m tired!”- We’re understaffed.

Why Nursing career ok most of the time

Bladder Friendly Tip: Never pass up an opportunity to make a trip to the toilet.

Being a nurse can make it really hard to keep up friendships outside of work, let alone romantic relationships. But really, who cares about that baby shower when that kid in Room 24 hands you a cute ‘Thank You’ card or when a warm hug from a discharging patient instantly de-stresses you.

Social Life Rescue Tip: Photoshop is the easiest way to join your friends for lunch.

Why Nursing is not for  Me

While men might appear a rare species in this profession therefore, they are just as suited to nursing.  They might not put an arm around your shoulder and speak in a low, calming voice. But, their high-fives, jokes and punches on the shoulder may speak volumes about their concern and attention.

Men in Nursing

As a nurse there may have been a hundred times when I have ever thought, “God love them, because today, I surely don’t!” but a genuine smile from a ‘difficult’ patient is enough to make that entire shift worthwhile. Why start a friendship  if you don’t have time for a cup of coffee. Yet this is why nursing is for me.