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Divorce Hurt the Kids

Parents divorcing can take it toll on the kids. The family is an important element of society. It’s within the family a child  learn coping skills before heading out into the world. The family is also responsible for instilling values and morals within a child. These values and morals mold a child into an adult. However, the family has been under attack. As husbands and wives fail to work out their differences within the home, the rate of divorce continues to skyrocket. “When mom and dad at war the only prisoners they took were the children”  Pat Conroy .
Parents Divorcing is emotional draining for the kids

Parents Divorcing

What if it was your home and your parents are always screaming and fighting. at each other? Worst yet, what if you realize they’re divorcing? Relationship ends at time in our life that we least expect. People grow apart and they no longer feel or enjoy the same things this does not mean your parents not going to love you. You can tell your parents how this makes you sad. What you can Do Talk about your concerns to your parent let them know how sad this make you feel.

Parents Divorcing is not easy on the kids

Naturally, your parents do not need your permission to get a divorce. However, they do need to consider your feelings and how you’ll be affected. If your parents are divorcing, it’s important to let them know how confused and frustrated you are about the situation. They’ll  be able to explain things to you to ease your anxiety. Maybe you’re worried about how you’ll be taken care of physically.  Where you’ll live or who’ll provide you with emotional support. All these are important. If your parents are able to explain things to you.

Parents Divorcing is emotional draining for the kidsParents Divorcing
  • Don’t be Resentful:

It’s very easy to become resentful or hold a grudge. Especially if you feel your mother or father is the erring party. In fact, children can resent both parents if they feel that each parent did not consider how a divorce would affect them. Regardless of how difficult it is, resentment can be disastrous for you. It’s important that you come to terms with your family decision and let go of whatever anger. You will feel hurt over their parting, but you should forgive them.

Parents Divorcing is emotional draining for the kids

Avoid self-destructive behavior:

Children are better able to relate with others and handle their emotions when both parents live at home. After a divorce, a child can become saddened to the point of depression. In addition, they might engage in questionable practices or become self-destructive. They might engage in fights, petty theft or even abuse drugs. These are all results or the aftermath of a divorce.

Discuss Reasons for Parents Divorcing

Divorce information should be discuss with the child , however, Husbands and wives are no longer thinking about their children but are selfish in their actions. If parents consider how devastating this could turned out to on their children. They may not have given a divorce second thought. “The arrangements that couples make in order to keep up civility. In the midst of their journey. To divorce are often most elaborate when the professed top priority is to protect a child.”  John Irving.  Within a marriage, divorce should not be a preference or a first choice. Rather, parents should learn to work out their issues.

Parents Divorcing

  • Emotional pain take time to heal in a divorce.

Your parents are divorcing, you will be hurt. “Divorce isn’t such a tragedy. A tragedy’s staying in an unhappy marriage, teaching your children the wrong things about love. Nobody ever died of divorce.”   Jennifer Weiner, Fly Away Home.  Emotional pain will take some time to heal so be patient and allow your heart to heal. Your parents are leaving does not mean they do not love you. Allow your heart to heal and cry if you must. However, do not become saddened or grief in silent.