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Come Home for Christmas Father

Please its Christmas Day. A special time that brings together families. It holds the most meaning  for children.  This is when parents gather presents together and create an unforgettable holiday for their kids. However, the reality is very different when one of the parents is absent. Many daughters  across the country are missing their fathers on Christmas .

Please want you to be Home for Christmas this time
Please Dad

Christmas comes once a year and it’s the same for these kids every year. It is nothing to look forward to. Children, especially girls who grow up in broken homes, deal with the pain of abandonment. Whatever the reason may be, the absence of a father in a girl’s life can have a very negative impact. It can completely derail the emotional development  and create chaos in her life due to the lack of a positive role model.

Please want you to be Home for Christmas this time

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The teens often exhibits a diminished sense of self-worth, leading to a search of alternative venue of self accreditation, i.e. the street. The abandoned adolescent has little to no sense on physical and emotional security and they are more likely to fall prey to anyone offering these. Teenagers without involved fathers often struggle with negative emotions such as self-loathing which leads to depression.

Please come now Father

According to studies, 85 percent of youngsters in prison are products of fatherless homes. The streets are after all, their introduction to crime. Which usually seems to be the easiest way to gain acceptance.

The lack of having a Dad plays out quite painfully in relationships. These girls have never been assured of their worth by a male figure. They naturally growup thinking that they don’t have worth at all. This can often lead to the path of promiscuity, in search of validation.

These fatherless children are poor, in more than one ways. Their poverty isn’t necessarily monetary but it is an empty place in the soul that they try to fill up with support from others. And, unfortunately it doesn’t always work.