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 Know Statistics  Teenage Depression?

Do you know statistics on teenage depression? When  should You be concerned about your child “dark mood” …Still blaming hormones or puberty? Well, there is a huge difference between being a normal, sulky teen and having teenage depression. The statistics speak for themselves. Suicide being the third leading cause of death in the United States. You cannot afford to ignored the signs. Statistics, Teenage Depression

Know Statistics Teenage Depression? Cause!

Teens who have been neglected are more at risk of developing a drug and alcohol dependence. Girls are much more likely to develop mental illness’s. Parents leave behind pain and stress after leaving. Empty house and loneliness  the child is left  with feelings of regrets and decrease self worth. These latchkeys kids are raising themselves. Often because the parents are away at work or just neglecting the child in general. These children have to learn to fend for themselves and grow up fast. They are easy prey to the streets life. Inocences harden while their youth loss. Exposed to pimps, human traffickers and drugs. When you feel worthless, exploited by everyone. You end up not caring about yourself let alone others. The person who was supposed to love you and take care of you walked away.

Teen statistics struggles!

Abandonment  is something serious and it’s hard to heal from that kind of wound. The stress of everyday life on the street is unbearable for anyone. Social starvation, poverty, neglect and a damaged household plays a huge part in the cause of teenage depression. According to TeenHelp 10 to 15 % of US adolescents are suffering from depression cause for concern by many. Suicide is the 10th leading cause of death

Statistics teenage depression how can we improve awareness.

Everyday a Youngers chose to end their life. Parents and teachers need to collaborated. Teamwork through discussion brings awareness to Parents and students. About the seriousness of self-destruction  Silent destroyer we called suicide.  Our teen depends on us for their safety. How can we improve the facts of life for these minors? Leave your comment below.