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Time of Life

Teen Years should be a moment of carefree living FUN with endless LAZY life here are 3 Ways have Time of Life Teen Years. Well, you say how can I Enjoy my years if I am always sad? Here PLAN life to experience. Gloomy forever persist time for you to speak to your therapist about Depression. Is an illness need treatment now “The purpose of life is to live, to savor to the utmost, to reach out and without fear for newer and richer.”? Eleanor Roosevelt. Breaking all the rules to find happiness.

Teen Years

 Teen years 

Ok, tackling all your habits in one go. Can be downright tough. Hard. No one is asking you to do so. To deny HOW YOU RESPOND, can be a dangerous thing. So let those feelings out. Now what for the day started? Go out go wrong, and do not take on those behavior again. Would this: irritated; shattered the GLASS. They don’t, they aren’t regarding your needs. Let go and move on this is not the time to take life so MOTIONLESS!


 Life Teen Years

 2. Your too PREDICTABLE

Too PREDICTABLE you’re going to BE means leave more space for the good things. Decide on what you want to do…. So over horrible emotional heartbreakers STOP complaining it’s a beautiful day. An awesome sense of humor helps ease those not so good days. Laugh more. Stress and the wrong groups of friends IS NAILS around you, by looking at their new freedom don’t ENVY. Sometimes DO DIFFERENT smiling can make you jovial. Tried. Once work (for me).

Three ways to have the time of life in your Teen years

What I do believe is My PRESENTS can make someone else, who’s having a miserable day, happy. Because someone smiled at me once, when I am at my worst. Momentary Connection Is all took to act better. Flaunt more willing SMILEY face back and on at others in return.

Teen years

TIMES you’ll be the “smile” and SHOW TEETH you won’t, but if you selfie for THE camera may give you more encouragement doing for yourself. What you would do to make a change in your life today. Try a small thing a big thing. Claim time of your life. Lets talk