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Why Do I Feel Guilty?

Understand guilt in kids. There is a connection between the feelings of guilt and resentment. And the problems your child especially teenagers struggle with on a daily bases. Such as weight, goals, peer pressures, that need to fit in  and dealing with the adult in their lives. In this case parents. Understanding of these feelings your youth may be going through will help you solve and support them along the way.

understand guilt


Understand Guilt

As a matter a fact before we can start to understand the why behind the guilt, lets first define it. Guilt means that we believe that something we are doing is causing pain to someone else. It activated by our behavior, thoughts, or feelings that we judge to be wrong or bad. Normal parents are protective of their children.

Understand Guilt

To put it differently, what if your parents were overprotectiveWhat if every time you played sports, rode your bike, or act in boisterous manner with friends. Your parent became disturbed and frantic. In fact, this would have the child’s feeling parents.More than likely believing that they were hurting you. Just by having fun.

Understand Guilt


Understand Guilt

Children who think that their actions are causing pain for their parents will feel guilt and end up resenting parent behavior towards them. In general extreme caution and worrying over small risks. Let the child knows and the constant excessive acts from overprotective parent. The child will also experience guilt in adulthood.

Understand Guilt

Understand Guilt

To point out some forms of guilt is normal, however the feeling of frustration and constant pressure and changes with resentment can cause child become irritated and moody.

Understand Guilt:

  • Sound familiar?

    1.The child feels responsible for his or her parents’ misery.Unfortunately, feels guilty about pursuing their own goals.
    2. Self-hatred and resentment about having to inhibit a normal behavior or goal. 

    3. The child start to rebelled as a way of protesting. This type of defiant rebelliousness is responsible for many painful self-defeating behaviors.

    4. In reality even though you promised yourself that when you grewup you will never behave that way your parents did with you. It is sohad the cycle repeat.
    Understand Guilt teens

I want you to know why it ís so hard to free ourselves of thebehaviors. We hate no matter how hard we try. However, muchwillpower we exert. Regardless, understand guilt and why it is difficult for the youth only a therapist will be able to explain. 

Moving Ahead understanding guilt

In essence starts now beginning the process of change a license psychologist will be able to explain in simple terms and have an action plan for you and your child to work on. Consultation is usually free.