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The Dark Side of Depression in Teens

Teens living in the United States struggle with depression daily about 20 percent.. Mental  illness is often devastating. Depression in young adults often lead to isolation, self-destruction and other mental conditions such as Depression.  Teen undergoing symptoms of depression needs emotional support, counseling love and assurance.


Oftentimes sadness or a mere ‘going through the blues However, what really is depression?

Teenage depression a medical condition . Depressive disorder persistent and make the child feels overwhelmed. The Blues leaves these young ones feeling worthless. It impacts how they see themselves. How others here… are 5 stages of grief that trigger depression 5 stages of of Grief

  1. Denial:  I am not sad
  2. Anger: Your child is always angry.
  3. Bargaining: your child may feel guilty for their emotional outburst.
  4. Depression:  sadness & anger inward becomes depression
  5. Acceptance: coming to terms with feelings and seek help or reach out for assistance.

Teens Dark side.

Depression also affects the emotions and behavior of teens who are dealing with grief.  Adolescent who are struggling with depression usually emit specific signs and symptoms. While these symptoms vary, they can be caught once a parent is exercising reasonable care and is attentive to their child.Counseling - Angry Teen

The Dark Side of Depression in Teens is of concern.

Long-term sadness can lead to sickness. Teenage Depression may include the death of a parent or friend. Grieving over the loss of a parent(s), prolonged grief is depression. Low energy  in teens also resulting in  emotional abuse Endured by teens. Once a teen is scars can lasting for a long time. Abuse can leave a child with self-esteem issues.   Decrease energy and lower interest in activities or tasks that once brought happiness.  A teen might also start experimenting with alcohol, and  criminal activities. A depressed teenager will also feel hard to explain aches.


If you suspect that your child is suffering from mood swing  tearful at times.  Before reaching out for medical advice you can do a teenage depression test. “This is a self-report depression screening.  Teens who think they may have depression.” You can call 24 hour crisis Hotline  Nationwide Hotline: 1-800-SUICIDE or 1-800-273-TALK (8255) .  You are not  alone!