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Teens Dating Sexting Safety  In today’s advance technology smartphones all equips with access to the Internet has become popular among us. Kids as young as ten has a cell phone.  For teens having a iphone made you feel cool. Surf and interaction with everyone made easy. Web is entertaining. Now young adults pass time is Sexting . Sending nude images on phone or expletive  text message to friends seems harmless. Text starts as a fun way of communicating with peers.  Then selfie and using these images has a way of exploring intimate relations without the act feel safe. Unaware lurking online are people who exploited their innocent.

Teens Dating Sexting Safety Parents need to be aware
Teens Dating Sexting Safety

Sending images in your birthday suits  can lead to a lot of trouble an end up in the wrong hands. For example. A south Georgia man faces  charges after Polk County authorities accused him of sending graphic messages and photographs to a 13-year-old girl.   Teens Dating Sexting Safety between Serrano and the youth was discovered by her mother who took action. The mother found a man’s body parts with texts on her daughter’s cellphone. These are just one incident too many.

Sexting Safety

By Random monitoring of your kids device can decrease these potential harmful  incidents. Parent should have access to passwords. Take precaution this will Close the loop-hole that offenders uses to  harm our children.  Become involved and educated your child. It is important that you talk about  surfing the Internet. Do not wait for your kids to tell you that they are participating in this activity. They are good at keeping Secrets.  It’s a fun pass time for many. Without parents  knowledge safety is misuse.

Teens dating sexting safety parents need to be aware.

Here are some things that you can do to keep your child protected.

  • Internet classes are available, and having your kids take one of these class can help explain security.
  • Keep record different  inappropriate use of internet usage
  • Ensure that your teen knows about World Wide Web.
  • Take a look at the information that they are sharing on social media.
  • Monitor will ensure that your teen is not creating profiles on dating sites without your permission.
  •  Open an honest communication with your teen.
  •  Parent stay  up to date on advance technology. Take a computer class.
 Give teens space to grow up but monitor their actions. We can’t always watch our child every move but we can at least shatterproof usage.