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Teen’s Heroin addiction in schools. Let’s face it  most children would have tried alcohol and cigarettes by the time they finish high school. However, heroin uses in teenagers is increasing.  Adolescent experimenting with illegal drugs.  Heroin a type of opioid powder    that occurs naturally. In the resin of the opium poppy plant. We are used to a particular image, when we think about narcotic users. You won’t expect your bright and smart 15-year old.  Because she or he’s just “not like that”and  because they don’t bear any needle marks. The reality, however, is that more youth are becoming addicted to hard stuff. According to a 2007 survey, nearly 10% of all U.S. young adult are taking illegal substances.

Teen's Heroin Increase addiction slowly taken over schools


Teen’s Heroin Drugs in schools

Disturbing is the fact that these numbers are almost identical to the  of heroin for 8th graders  0.9%. According to the Baltimore Sun  Gov. Larry Hogan focusing on epidemic in state of Maryland.  The key to this troubling report.  The fact that today’s dope is available in a number of forms. The  intravenous users still get high.  But more young adult would prefer to sniff or smoke the substance. They’re not injecting it directly. This  give a  sense that the drug is less risky.

Illigal drugs Teen’s Heorin in our teen school

The problem is that big ” H” is slowly invading all schools. Drug users are now not just the rich kids.  The poor are finding ways to get the illigal drug too.

“Unfortunately, the heroin abuse problem with suburban teens is astounding. But what many don’t know is that the problem didn’t begin with heroin. There is a major epidemic going on with teenagers across the country and it is starting with something that is promoted as “safer” and given to teens by people they trust; doctors. The problem is starting with prescription drugs. And after teens use these substances and become addicted they gateway into the use of heroin”

Teen’s Heroin

Many teenagers get hooked on pain pills from home medicine cabinet. They turn to illegal drugs to fit in. Peer pressure usually the case.