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America wake up

Train Children Isn’t it time America. Can we assume this is the school responsibility. Every parents want their youth to succeed. A Child that has lack of support. Living in poverty  usually give up hope. When we think of academic achievement here in the States one race come to mind is Asians. How do we align our self to succeed as these groups of immigrants? When will the time  come for us to better educate our youth. Why is it a group of immigrants exceed in science than U.S. born children.

Time now to train children America need to wake up

Train children

Like the Asian Nigerian are known to excel in the science fields. When African parent talk about their child their face glow with pride. As they tell the story about their boys & girls studying in schools across the U.S. The many scholarships they received including free tuition. Their children get accepted in prestigious schools all over the United states.  Often what came to mind how are they excelling. What is the formula: The food they eat Jollof Chicken & Rice (myth), Family Impact, or Culture support.  Nigerians in American surpass other minority groups in the states.

Train the kids

The Immigration and Nationality Act of 1965 made it easier for Africans to enter the U.S., but mostly as students or highly skilled professionals. Not through family sponsorships, Klineberg said.”  The Act give preference to Asian & Nigerian. Many people see the Asian has smarter, family oriented and feels their children always advance . In some case this maybe true. Asian parents already familiar knowing  the English language. They  come to America with some form of formal education like the Nigerian.  In Asia family consist of mother, father and grandparents support. There is always someone to mentor the child.

Time now to train children America need to wake up.

Africans place their family first like the Asian. The “clan unity” made up of father and mother. Grandparents make up extended families. Community support of elders who establish rules and guidelines. Using unconditional love.  They train the youth early in life. Instill disciple and hard work. So that they will become successful. Most come from impoverish background. This does not deter them from that hungry to succeed. They instill pride in their young.

The children

They  lives together in one room. Minimalistic life while they forge ahead with plans for a better life. The elders in the  communities see to it and step in if parents are unavailable. They teach  self-preservation. And continue to outperformed and surpass other minority groups here.

Time now to train children America need to wake up.

“Most Nigerian adult in America work several low paying jobs. Sometimes multiple to put themselves through college. In six years, Nigeria has had three MacArthur ‘Genius’ awardees!  Not bad for a single country.  I’ve included Chimamanda Adichie who does not really belong in this essay but the MacArthur Fellowship is an American foundation that gifts $500,000 “no strings attached” to worthy recipients.

Time now to train children America need to wake up


Higher Learing

African or Asian become successful college bound because they instill values early. Education, learning skills in self-preservation and community support. These immigrants are able to over-look their own hardship. To become future doctors, scientist and pharmacist. They often gain entrance into  various prestigious university in the united states.  These two group raise their child to work hard and excell in school.

Children trained

By instilling these values These kids continue to climb the ladder. Large percentage of teens here in the United States comes from single parents homes.Isn’t it time USA wake up and look at ways how we can train the youth. How to be successful. All kid need proper education  so they  can become leaders.