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 The truth about when Cops knock at Teens Door

No secrets the truth about cops and teens. Teenagers  can sometimes engage in risky behavior. Who as tendency to display rebel and question authority.  Their attitude as a right of passage while bending the rules. This particular sub-culture is a group of juveniles.  Teenagers in huddle adults keep their guards up. Of course, they aren’t all bad. Their attitude that everyone is out to get them or don’t like them.

The Kentucky teens thought they were invisible. The two eluded police in multiple states.   Raising concerned about their bold behavior running from the law.  String of crime spree just for fun. Testing the parental boundaries for some adolescent who feel their lives are  untouchable. “Teenagers. Everything is so apocalyptic.” Kami Garcia quoted.  Seems cops are fighting a loosing battle between teenagers who fearsome enough to take risk and think of result later.The truth about when Cops knock at Teens door

Cops and Teen’s

Adolescents pushed the limits. Questioned police authority break the rules to what they can get away with.  Impatient often misunderstood and pre-judged. Now parents worry about child being hurt. How to maneuver the tricky years of being a teenager growing up as an adult.  In the past approached by the troopers  depending on the severity of their offense.  Handled by the police station to discourage future unlawful behavior. Fines, jail time, or community service all consequences teens would face prevent future negative behavior.The truth about when Cops knock at Teens Door


Cops Knock: The Truth about Cops and Teens

When the men in blue shows up at a house full of underage, rowdy crowd. They are careful about what they do and say. Teenagers, by nature, aren’t magnificent at being careful about what they do and say. Fear of being harmed cause these young girls and boy to be scare straight sometimes. Parental involvement  a “trip downtown” to the station is now at the forefront of everyone’s mind. Rebellious teens pushing the limits and defying authority is not a black thing or a white thing. It’s a teen thing.

If these Youngers are lucky, the knock on the door will come from a fair and concerned sheriff. Who wants to make sure the safety of all underage citizens. Show up at your door may be an overworked, and exhausted marshal.  He is stretched too thin. No patience to use the opportunity to teach your child the error of their ways.  Worse, that knock teen may find at the door  a power-hungry and aggressive arm of the law. Who uses power  in an unfair way. Kids think of being invincible.  Cocky and fearless is not always cool!